More Brew, Please

Compact and bijou ?

Special Brew

Could the festival build on previous successes?

Admiral Fallow – Pictures

Rain was not going to stop play for Admiral Fallow

Stanley Odd – Pictures

An eager crowd enjoyed Stanley Odd closing Brew at the Bog 2014

Opening a Brew

The first acts warmed hearts despite the dipping temperatures

Keeping busy, moving on

We speak to Solareye about gigging, politics, recording and the return to Brew at the Bog.

Third Times a Charm

As Brew at the Bog 2014 gets closer, we were lucky to grab a few words with event organiser Yvonne Murray.

Get Ready for Brew

We look at what the festival holds for us this year.

This is(n’t) Lionel

Joshua talks about change, plans and what it feels like to hear an audience chant your name.

Final Two at the Brew

Brew at the Bog 2014 have announced the final two acts to play at the Bogbain Farm event on the 3rd of May.
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