Dylan James Tierney – Interview

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 With Dylan James Tierney with his band playing Upstairs on the 27th of April, we jumped at the chance of catching with Dylan ahead of the gig.

There has been a lot of attention for your forthcoming gig, how important is that support for you?

Support means everything to me. A lot of people are yet to see us together as a band so we have been working very hard and we can not wait to put on a top show

How did you come up with the support for the Upstairs gig?

There’s a lot of local bands and artists in Inverness. We thought Chancers and Folk’d up were a great fit for the bill. 

2023 was a really busy year for you musically what was the highlight for you?

The biggest highlight for me was finally showcasing my music with a band. It’s something that I have wanted to do for a long time and my music is definitely growing, I feel it was the right time.

When we spoke about Old Misty Road previously there was a real sense that you enjoyed the recording process. what did you learn from the process and is there any plans to record more this year?

Recording for the first time was interesting, I was young and I now know what I’m going for next time round. I have plenty of new material and we are looking to be back in the studio soon.

What is the song writing process like for you, what are the core elements that are essential for you to be happy with a tune?

Songwriting has always come naturally to me, I don’t plan when I write songs but when I do it takes no longer than ten minutes. I always start with a riff on the guitar and the rest just follows nicely. There are a lot of songs that I ain’t always happy with but those that I am happy with are the ones you hear. We have some new material to showcase on the 27th.

The Inverness scene has changed significantly over your career, how do you feel about Inverness from a musical perspective now?

 I feel that it is very difficult here in Inverness to succeed in the music industry but you’ve just got to keep working hard. We are lucky that Inverness is blessed with some great talent. 

You are an established face on the local scene, do you have any plans to expand your music to a different audience?

We have plans to take our music further afield and take the name out of Inverness I am still very young and I feel I am progressing by the year. 

What music are you listening to the most at the moment?

Believe it or not I am a massive fan of 60s&70s music, old school, county and blues. I listen to a wide range of genres. 

Tickets for the gig on the 27th of April can be found here, and according to Dylan’s page their are only a few left

We have been lucky to follow Dylan’s career over the years you can see our coverage.

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