Stephen Bull

Short and colour blind.. All the best traits of gig photographer. My background is playing music. Multi-instrumentalist, but mainly a bass guitar player. I spent years playing bass for Last Summer Effect but after we split up in late 2013, I have now moved on to play bass for Spoke Too Soon. I study Music Technology at university, and photograph/write for Inverness Gigs when ever I am back home.

John Otway, 14/08/16 – Images

John Otway at Mad Hatters, Inverness

Halo Tora cheers up a Thursday night

The Glasgow band arrive in Inverness promoting their new album.

A Big Room and a Small Stage

A look at the acoustic showcase.

Lots of Elephants in the Room

A quick look at the magical Elephant Sessions

From Americana to Hip-Hop

Eclectic as always, how was the second Summer Showcase ?

Bring the Jazz

The Katet, made up of members of bands including Orkestra del Sol, Bombskare and the Donnie Munro Band will be taking the stage at...

Listen and you will find

A mixture of genres with no doubting the talent on show at The Ironworks.

If I gotta be damned

Toby Michaels Rolling Damned leave 2013 on a high

Round Two Ding Ding….

Lets get ready to rumble again

“Beatles” return

The Magic of the Beatles to play Strathpeffer Pavilion on Wednesday 2nd of October, 2013.
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