Gordon James & The Power , 8/3/2019 – Review and Images

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Gordon James & The Power , with support from Moteh Parrott, Forgetting the Future and Edgar Road, at Ironworks, Inverness.

Friday the Eighth of March was a bracing reminder of the amount of talent that is coming from the North of Scotland,  an array of genres with Moteh Parrott’s modern folk vibe, Forgetting the Future’s high energy rock, the classic indie rock Edgar Road and Gordon James and the Power giving us their heart-warming upbeat melodies.

The night kicked off with Moteh Parrott whose laid-back acoustic set combined with the haunting and emotive lyrics which is enhanced by the proficient skill of Kathleen Rollins-Mckie on Cello, got the crowd excited and in the mood for festival season coming up.

Next we had Forgetting the Future, definitely a highlight of the night.
Recently having been signed to InTime Records, things has seen them evolve, adding deep synth lines to soaring harmonies and I can’t wait to see what the band do next as they launch their debut album. It’s hard to see who’s having more fun, them or the audience.

We then got the upbeat and exciting Edgar Road from Elgin, this band can certainly make the audience move! And it’s certainly obvious these guys are masters of their craft and it goes to show that practise certainly does make perfect.My particular favourite was their final song “Friday Night” with keys player Magda Wellenger ending the night with a dubstep introduction which they managed to easily fit into their classic rock sound.

Finally, Gordon James and the Power closed off the night. I was eager to hear the new sound as they have just added to their line-up Kenna Ross on keys.It felt like a natural fit enhancing what was there but giving an extra layer to the already tight mix. With songs like “Blood” the crowd come alive joining in and cheering the words, it’s clear they know how to engage with the audience.

We were also treated to some older classics like “Winter”, a song that has a nostalgic medieval feel and could work perfectly in the fields of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. The dynamic range between vocals really mean the harmonies gel and you can tell this is a band that know their songs in and out. They also announced the plans of recording new music which we can’t wait to hear.

Read our recent interview with the band below;

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