Ahead of their gig at the Ironworks in March, Forgetting The Future chats to IGigs.

Recently signed to record label “InTime Records” and with their debut album on the way, Forgetting the Future are forging their way to the front of Highland bands demanding your attention. They are supporting Gordon James and The Power in the Ironworks in March and we wanted to catch up with them;

You recently won The SUBlist battle of the bands, how did that make you feel and are you enjoying working with Ken Allardyce?

We were shocked to even get through the first round never mind winning the competition! We were up against so many great bands, so we knew it was going to be tough. We just concentrated on what we do best, that’s all we could do. It was a great competition to be part of and we made so many friends in the process.

Winning the prize of having our EP recorded and produced by Ken Allardyce was mind blowing were looking at awards he has been given with Greenday, Weezer, The Goo Goo Dolls, with sales of 1,2,3 million records! Ken is such a laid back guy and we feel so privileged be working with him, it’s genuinely just mind blowing.

What can we expect from your next EP?

We started working on our new EP in January and found we had a great chemistry with Ken Allardyce & Alan Greer and we have just signed to their new label “InTime Records”. We are now recording a full album with them which is exciting and has reached far beyond our expectations already.

You’re playing Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh in February, how do you think the crowd will react to your sound compared to up here in the North?

No idea! As we have never played the central belt before. We have been overwhelmed with the response to our music in the north and hope the central belt enjoys it also. We bring the same energy and passion to each gig we play regardless of size or location and just hope we entertain the crowd as much as we enjoy performing for them.

Your music has been described as passionate indie rock, how would you say your sound stands out from others in that genre?

It’s sweet for us to be described as passionate indie rock as it is exactly passion that we put into every jam, practice and performance and it obviously reflects in our sound. We think our sound is quite unique as we each bring a different quality to the band, we all have different influences and that gives us a slightly different edge.

Forgetting the Future Ironworks June 2018 7 530x424 - Forgetting The Future - Interview
Forgetting the Future, Ironworks 2018

Last year you released your EP ‘Under the Influence’, what did you enjoy most about recording it and what do you think you would do differently?

We enjoyed recording our EP “Under the Influence” and had a great response from the public, but we felt it didn’t really capture our true sound as a band. Since starting out on the recording of our forth coming debut album, we have revamped and dropped a couple of tracks from the EP. Our new album we think has our stamp on it thanks to Ken Allardyce bringing out the best in us.

You’re playing more gigs down South, are you hoping to tour UK wide anytime soon?

Since signing to our new label, lots of doors have started to open up and this will include a tour and lots more so watch this space. We are also now being managed by Alan Greer of Intime Records so we are really excited for what’s to come.

What do you enjoy most about performing live and where was the best gig you played?

Playing live is what we are about as a band and we love playing to our audiences and feel privileged to be able to do that. Every gig we have played has been great, especially alongside other great local bands and couldn’t possibly pick a favourite.

Gordon James & The Power, with support from Edgar Road, Forgetting The Future and Moteh Parrott as they play Ironworks Venue, Inverness on 8th of March, 2019

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