Tony Hawks Pro Soundsystem, Bella 24 Interview

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We catch up with Tony Hawks Pro Soundsystem ahead of Belladrum 2024 and ask them a few questions.

What would be your FFO list?

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game soundtracks of course. 90s/00s skate/punk culture, but the soundtracks cover a lot more ground than you would think!

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Tell us a little about how the band came to be and a story so far.

25 Years ago Neversoft created one of the greatest games of all time with the most incredible soundtrack that defined a generation… Then Mick said “Wouldn’t that be a funny band name?” and we all agreed we should just do it

As an act, how has 2024 treated you so far?

We’re all pretty busy in our normal day to day, so we’ve not played as many shows as we would like this year, but every show we have has been a full house! So we can’t really ask for more than that!

You have three  songs to wow the Belladrum audience, which ones would they be and why?

CKY – 96 Quite Bitter Beings. It just oozes that early 00’s vibe!
The Doors – Break On Through. It’s something a little different, but its a classic for a reason!
Goldfinger – Superman. I mean… Wilson has a trumpet. And its Red.

Festivals are renowned for horrible clashes, which act on the Belladrum line-up would you least like to clash with and why?

Dr Ink – “High Fade – I want to see those flares rock out!”
Mick – “Bill Bailey – Trumpet vs The Horn Keyboard. The Horn Keyboard wins.”
Sticks – “Ocean Colour Scene!”
Wilson – “Bill Bailey”

What are you favourite memories of Belladrum?

Well Dr Ink has never been… But it was Stick’s first festival experience so it has a feeling of being home for him. For Mick and Wilson, a scorcher of a year way back when, our group manage to make a huge slip’n’slide out of groundsheets and shampoo from the Co-op, strangers started joining in and bringing supplies to grow the slip/n/slide. Bella could use more slip’n’slides.

Given the Love theme, if you had to create a love playlist with only five songs, what would be on it?

KISS – I Was Made For Lovin’ You
George Michael – Careless Whisper
Offspring – Want You Bad
AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long
Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love

If you could travel back in time which Belladrum would you like to revisit?

Dr Ink – “2019 – Hawkwind. Can’t argue with that.”
Mick – “2016. The Darkness.”
Sticks – “2018. Primal Scream. An UNREAL set!”
Wilson – “Take me back to 2016 for The Darkness and Madness again, what a year!”

In your act’s repertoire, what is the most romantic song you have?

Dr Ink – “Seed – Sublime.”
Mick – “Mid 20’s Skateboarder”
Sticks – “Beat Your Heart Out”
Wilson – “Fall Back Down, In a romantic brotherhood sort of way.”

What’s on the horizon for you after Belladrum?

Either heat death from the imminent climate crisis, or drowning in the great floods, depending on how high above sea leve we are at the time… But on a lighter note we’re in the process of booking some local and not so local gigs for later on in 2024.

Oh, and Nollie backside flip nose wheelies.

Tony Hawks Pro Soundsystem perform at the Bella Bar stage, 10pm on Friday and can keep track of the band via Facebook

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