Hour of Reprisal, Inverness – Images

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Hour of Reprisal supported by Bloodsun, Bed of Wasps and Below the Neck at The Tooth and Claw, 27th of October, 2023.

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Bed of Wasps

Below the Neck

Hour of Reprisal

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Gordon Doherty
Gordon Dohertyhttps://www.facebook.com/gordondocdoherty/about
A Northern Irishman who fell in love with Scotland and moved to Inverness in 2015. I love Heavy Metal, and my favourite bands are Catalysis, Chimaira, and Machine Head. My other passion, of course, is photography - landscapes and photographing Highland Coos. I love going to watch live music and can be regularly seen at the Tooth and Claw on Metal nights, Guinness in hand, probably headbanging away, lol. Working for iGigs is the perfect combination as I get to listen to live bands and take photos.

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