Bloodsun – Interview

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We catchup with the band who were borne from the embers of KING KOBALT, evolving into a metal core 5 piece featuring Deano, Frankie, Shaun, Jay and Aaron. They move forward from featuring in the Scottish Metal 2 the Masses finals, by headlining their first gig at the Tooth & Claw. We were grateful to the band for answering a few questions.

The Tooth & Claw hosts your first headline gig, how does the top billing impact your preparation?

Preparation remains the same, we do what we normally do each practice, get everything covered and sounding tight. Same for at the shows, warm up, stay keen and be respectful. This maybe our headliner but nothing changes the outcome. Maybe a few drinks will be consumed as a celebration (Aaron)

With three other bands on the bill, how did you choose the rest of the line-up?

It’s about bringing bands up here that we think people will enjoy and go nuts to because we do too. Scotland has so much talent in local bands. Aklias too are great friends of ours from Ness as well, so we know they will put on a good show (Deano)

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What five tracks would be on your playlist to get you ready for your gig?

Enterprise Earth – Shallow Breath

August Burns Red – Marianas Trench

Below The Neck – Flashing Lights

Architects – Animals

Amon Amarth – Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags

That’s one track from each member, I’ll leave you to guess who picked what

How would you describe the metalcore scene in the area?

Building and building momentum. Like most of the other scenes, it took quite a hit over the last few years but the past 6/8 months have been really positive and the future looks even brighter. Word does seem to be spreading that inverness is somewhere worth putting the effort into visiting.(Frankie)

How did Bloodsun come to be?

Bloodsun formed after Covid restrictions started lifting and due to end of King Kobalt. Deano & Frankie still wanted to continue with a new project going down the heavier side of metal, and Shaun came straight into the fold since they were good friends already (plus the forming of Cage The Ox in the background). Jay joined us not long after and it was just a perfect fit when Aaron made his presence known later down the line. The band moulded it self after months of writing and practicing to become what it is today (Deano)

Can you give us an insight into Bloodsun’s creative process?

It all starts with a riff, usually myself (Shaun) or Deano will come up with an initial idea and we all contribute and built it from there. Sometimes the riffs could spawn out of nowhere at the most random point. The more you think about what to write, the harder it becomes so we never force it. We’re all from different musical upbringings and pull from a huge pool of influences that come together to form what you hear today.(Shaun)

What’s the plans for Bloodsun in 2023?

We definitely are looking to getting our music out there asap, that’s the top of our priority list. possibly a music video to tie into the release too. Expanding merchandise options and then it’s onto playing more shows with an excellent scene here in Scotland. Keep your eyes peeled for July (Jay).

We asked Chat GPT for the last question (apologies in advance).. If Bloodsun had to choose one song to perform for an alien civilization to showcase the power and beauty of music, which song would it be and why?

I would recommend “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. It’s a timeless classic that showcases the range of human emotion and creativity, and it’s a song that people of all ages and backgrounds can appreciate. (We asked an AI ourselves and to be fair we all agree.)

Buy tickets for Earth 616 Promotions’ Bloodsun at the Tooth and Claw on the 13th of May, support comes from Ingraves, Waves and Aklias.

Follow Bloodsun on Facebook and Instagram.

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