Belladrum 2022 Q and A with Lucille

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We catch up with Marc Davidson of Lucille ahead of their performance at Belladrum 2022.

If you are reading this and still have not get tickets use this Belladrum 2022 ticket link to make sure you do not miss out.

You have ten words to describe your act, no more no less…

Energetic, Dark, Anthemic Power-Pop, Rock, Songs about Modern Day Anarchy

As an act how how does it feel to be back post-COVID?

It’s great to be back and back with a bang, we knew that we wanted to come back strong following the 2-year downtime so we made sure we had a single ready to launch and organised the “Rise” tour which was just the most amazing experience, initially we weren’t sure what to expect in terms of audiences and stuff but we played to some decent sized crowds and met some amazing people who were so receptive to the band and our music. It was such a humbling experience.

Given the myths and legends theme of Belladrum 2022, can you tell us a myth or legend of the band? 

Legend has it one of the band members is a distant relative of Paul McCartney…. But which one???

Which legend (non-musical!) would you have appear on stage with you and what song would you play with them?

Charlie Caplin – We would play an extended version of “Rise” where he recites his final speech from The Great Dictator, “You have the love of humanity in your hearts”

There have been a few musical legends play Belladrum over the years which performance would you most like the opportunity to see again?

I would love to relive Biffy Clyro’s performance from 2006, it was my first Belladrum and first time seeing them live and anyone who knows me knows of my love of Biffy Clyro and the influence they have on Lucille.

How are you preparing for your Belladrum performance, what are your plans after you have played?

We had our last rehearsal the other night, the setlist has now been finalised and we can say we have a few surprises in store for our set which we hope people enjoy. I am actually at a wedding the weekend of Belladrum and have been granted special permission from the Bride and Groom to disappear to play our set, then I am due back so I will not be around to see all Belladrum has to offer however the rest of the guys are planning on making a weekend of it and catching as much music as they possibly can, so thank you and congratulations to Jamie and Kirsty on there big day when it arrives.

If your set only consisted of three songs and one extra cover, which ones would they be and why?

Nothing Comes for Free, Rise and Now you are the Enemy, 3 recent songs for us which showcase us at our very best, full of energy and passion. Cover-wise we are currently playing a stripped back version of “My Hero” by the Foo Fighters in honour of Taylor Hawkins.

And a wee bit of festival madness…

Who’d win a fight between Nessie and Godzilla?

Nessie, however, introduce Rubberduckzilla and you have a different answer all together…

You’re out for a few drinks, what other artist that you know, would turn it in to a legendary night?

I hear Picasso was pretty wild back in the day?

Is Nessie real?

World Hide and Seek Champion consecutively since the 1870s.

What would you rather fight, a unicorn the size of Nessie or 20 unicorn sized Nessies?

Unicorns are real??

What is your favourite urban legend?

Scandinavians have some pretty cool ones – Gjenganger – basically reanimated dead with unfinished business, they tend to be the souls of the murdered or wrongdoers in life, it extends back to the time of the Vikings,

Gjenganger translates to “walking again” so basically zombies, so basically the walking dead, so basically Negan which takes us right back to Lucille, no?

If you had to form a 4 piece band from legendary creatures what instrument would each play and why? Also what would you call the Mythical band?

Siren on Vocals, their singing voices were described as being so beautiful and irresistible that even the wind fell prey to their songs.

Briareus on Drums, rumoured to have 100 arms so you know he could lay down a sick beat.

Muse on Lead Guitar and song writing duties, Muse are said to be spirits who inspire artists so expect some godly music. Some would say Matt Bellamy is a Muse, no?

Bigfoot on Bass, Cause he gives of bassist vibes ….

The band would be called Zoni, its Greek for “Band” , don’t fact check that ……

You can see Lucille on the Free Range Stage on Friday night at 10.00 PM. All things Belladrum can be found on our Belladrum Festival Page.

After Belladrum Lucille will be playing:

Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh on 14th August with Lucid Liars

Madhatters, Inverness on 19th August with Lucid Liars

Mr C’s, Thurso on 20th August with Chancers and The Yips

Wolfstock Festival at Banff Castle on 3rd September

Check Lucille’s social here.

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