We introduce you to Lucid Liars and ask them a few question as they release their first EP, ‘Two Ghosts’.

Tell us about you?
We’re Lucid Liars, made up of Rikki Mackenzie (vocals/guitars), Jack Nicolson (drums/percussion), and Craig Christison (keys). We’re based in Inverness and have been playing as Lucid Liars for the last year or so, although we’ve all been involved in various projects together for a number of years. 
What’s your music about ? 
With Lucid Liars, we’ve tried to build our music as a studio project, then we look at how to play it live using loopers and effects pedals. We think of ourselves as groove based with a focus on atmosphere, lots of distortion and reverb underpinned by tight drums and just the right amount of keys. 
What are your first three songs on your set-list? 
We’re actually still building our setlist! At the moment our opener looks set to be the title track from our debut EP, ‘Two Ghosts’. We chose this as it’s the kind of song that screams to the crowd “Hey! We’re on! Pay attention!”. From there I think we’re going to shuffle around and see what works. We’d like every song to connect with the audience in a different way.
If you were able to steal one song from any act and claim it for yourself, which one would it be? 
Depending on which of the three of us is answering you’ll get a different response, we’re actually pretty varied when it comes to our favourites. Rikki would love to have Edwyn Collins’ ‘A Girl Like You’ or Joy Division/New Order’s ‘Ceremony’, while Jack would probably feel comfortable stealing Faith No More’s ‘Midlife Crisis’. Craig? The guy pretty much just listens to Queen and Depeche Mode on repeat. Getting a lift in his car is like going back to the 80s.
What’s next? 
We’ve just released our first EP, ‘Two Ghosts’, which is really a taster of the different styles we’re building our music around. In the near future we hope to play a gig or two in our home town, see where we’re at. We’re also writing and recording a lot, we’re back in to record drums on another pair of tracks at IMOUT Studios in June, looking forward to it. We’re definitely more focused on the studio side of things.
Where can we catch you ? 
Our main social media channel is our Facebook which is updated with little bits and pieces weekly, and we will be making our announcements there. Our music is on all the usual channels, Spotify, iTunes, etc. 

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