Tenement TV Tour for Inverness gig

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Tenement TV Tour 2019 featuring Beta Waves, Zoe Graham, Scarlett Randle and Alligator to play Tooth & Claw in April.

Over the past few years, one of the best places to go and catch new bands and artists live in Scotland has been Tenement TV’s brilliant Tenement Trail. In Glasgow. Held in multiple venues across the city, with over 30 acts from across Scotland, showcasing their musical talents.

Tickets for the trail are usually like gold dust, but when you add in in travel and accommodation in Glasgow, it’s sometimes not the most cost effective for anyone out with the central belt but fear not as in April 2019 they are taking the trail on tour to a city near you. With stops across Scotland in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow, as well as two nights in London and Brighton and performances from 12 of the most exciting new artists Scotland has to offer.

On the 27thof April the Tooth and Claw in Inverness will host Dundee’s Electronic two-piece Beta Waves, Zoe Graham, Scarlett Randle and Alligator. Beta Waves experimental electronic sound and incredible live shows have helped pave the way for the band to breakthrough in the past 12 months.

Zoe Graham was one of the highlights at 2018’s trail, winning fans over with every performance, the singer songwriter brings style, charm and lyricism, makes her live show a must-see event.

Last year Scarlett Randle was announced as the winner of the Tenement trail competition. With her incredibly personal and revealing music, the shows she delivers are nothing short of mesmerising.

One of the most exciting acts in Scotland just now are Alligator, with two releases under their belt in Trickle Down and Shadow By Your Sound, full of 90’s styled punk rock proving to be a winner across the country. Their shows are getting the right kind of reputation for being heavy hot and sweaty, something that will go down a treat in the Tooth and Claw.

Other acts to appear on the tour of the UK are Walt Disco, Crystal, Lizzie Reid, OK Button, Quiche, Mark Sharp and the Bicycle Thieves, Vanives and Lazy Angel.

The tour kicks off in Glasgow on the 5thof April, Dundee on the 6th, Edinburgh 18th, London 19th, Aberdeen 26thand finishing in Inverness on the 27thof April

Tickets are available now

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Alan Forbes
Alan Forbes
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