Murray of Twin Heart – Interview

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Ahead of their headline gig at the Outsider Art Fest in April 2019, Murray of Twin Heart chats to IGigs.

With well over a hundred gigs, Twin Heart and their brand emo-rock has seen them support an array of talent including The Xcerts and My Vitriol. We catch Twin Heart ahead of their last visit to the area.

With the Outsider Art Fest being your penultimate gig, how does it feel to be near the end of Twin Heart?

It feels quite surreal. Me and Dawn have been in this position before with our old band Mechanical Smile and are going through he motions. It’s been a big part of our lives for 5 years now.  I think it’s hitting me harder knowing that Dawn will be stepping back from music too, after being in bands together for 12 years or so overall.  The last few gigs we played in April (Glasgow, Dunfermline and Elgin) were great shows, and I’ll certainly miss playing in this band!

What has been the highlight of your time performing?

I think for me, it was the release of Little Death.  It was our first release with Kyle in the band and the shows we played on tour that summer were some of the best. It was a really powerful song and so many people related to it. The summer tour and October UK tour was great. After years of touring it felt like we were doing it for the first time as we had not put any music out before for a while.Other highlights would be touring with Press To Meco and supporting The Xcerts and My Vitriol.

You have talked about the need to have a “a break from it all”, what would have to happen to see you return to performing again?

I think Dawn would need to be the one to make that call. 12 years, going full pelt in 2 bands without a holiday or any spare money or any really BIG breakthrough is pretty tough going, amazing, but also tough.  I don’t think there will be any come backs though, maybe Dawn will get back into some sort of writing and have the drive to perform but I don’t think it will be any time soon.

Recent release “This Place Is Not My Own” is an impressively passionate, raw and powerful track, how do you feel about the response to it?

The response was great. Again it was as Emo as we have went. Dawn wrote the song about a close friend of ours and I think it is so relatable.  We played it live for the first time at our King Tut’s headline show in October before it was recorded and the response even then was cool. We were really happy with the video too and it seemed well received.

The Outsider Art Fest are fortunate to have your headline the event, what was it that made you to sign up to play, and is there any other acts you are looking forward to seeing at the event?

We were offered the slot before we announced we were calling it a day, but we had made that decision. We were grateful for the opportunity and we love traveling up north to Inverness. We’ve played Tooth & Claw and Madhatters many times over the last five years and we thought it would be fitting for us to come up one more time. We’ve always went down well and love the city. 

I’m looking forward to the festival even more as we have some good friends playing with us. Crashes and Alkanes have played with us a few times over the years and are both super cool. We recently met Forgetting The Future and I loved their raw sound.  Cool young guys making good original music, it was inspiring to see when they supported us in Elgin.

Twin Heart headline gig at the Outsider Festival (further details here) in April 2019.

Tickets are available on-line from Fatsoma and in person at Union Vinyl and Hootananny.

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