Best of 2018 – Reviews

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We have a look through the most popular reviews of 2018.

We thought we would look at what the stats for the website and see what reviews were most read, of course that does not always mean that they were our favourites (some were :). So without further ado…

10th Runrig in August (2012)

The Finale of the evening was of course ‘Loch Lomond’ and its inevitable singalong, afterwards a happy audience picked their way home wards through the mud

Runrig storming in the rain, with pictures

NB we still do not have a clue why this article continues to be looked at so frequently !

9th Susanna Wolfe in October

Ironically it’s the first song’s lyrics that come to mind at the end of the special evening “I’m walking away with my head held high”, the band certainly deserve to be proud of the album and of the evening.

LIVE REVIEW – Susanna Wolfe Band , 6/10/2018

8th Skid Row in March

It’s a vile, dreich night outside but Skid Row brought more than a little warmth with them to the Highlands.


7th Dancing on Tables in March

The energy from the band is as high as can be and crowd reaction matches it, so much so that midway through their new single Body, provided something I had never seen in the Tooth and Claw before a mosh pit.

LIVE REVIEW – Dancing On Tables, 17/3/2018

6th Jake Bugg in November (2017)

The irony of it all was that those who he was chastising jumped as high to ‘Lightning Bolt’ as those that listened throughout, with their phones out, recording every shaky second.

LIVE REVIEW and IMAGES – Jake Bugg, 16/11/2017

5th Park Circus in May

If they can roll out a performance like this on their very first headline show after six weeks, how good are they going to sound in six months?

LIVE REVIEW – Park Circus, 17/5/2018

4th Kyle Falconer in August

“The crowd are happy to singalong throughout, and even handed the mic at one point. It all got a bit crazy towards the end”

LIVE REVIEW – Kyle Falconer, 24/8/2018

3rd Cobalt in February

Giving Killswitch Engage and Clutch a run for their money but with enough hooks and melody to placate those with more delicate tastes in music, they leave the stage with the crowd wanting more.

Read the review here.

2nd PiL in August

The waves of energy coming from the stage are being transmitted to the crowd

LIVE REVIEW – Public Image Limited, 28/8/2018

1st The Stranglers in March

A night which worked for the fans and those that just wanted to see The Stranglers put on a show with lights and visuals; a far cry from those early punk days but in keeping with the evolution of the band.

LIVE REVIEW – The Stranglers , 9/3/2018

Here’s to 2019, but if you like looking back see what made the list for 2017;

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