White, supported by Our Future Glory, at Mad Hatters Inverness, 18/2/2016. A review.

Thursday night saw the arrival of White at Mad Hatters supported by the just returned from Los Angeles, Our Future Glory.

For Our Future Glory Inverness is dear to their hearts as it was here that they signed a record deal and on tonight’s evidence it was no surprise that they were snapped up. There is an infectious energy surrounding the band with the main generator being that of frontman, Mo Liandu, who supplies perpetual motion from the beginning to the very end of the set.

sound is that bit bigger and more jagged around the edges

At times I was thinking Prides, but this sound is that bit bigger and more jagged around the edges. Half an hour that flew by a band that we are more likely to be seeing in the headline role in the future and not the support.

White had received rave reviews from those that had seen them at Loopallu and from tonight’s performance it was clear to see why. There was something symbolic and inevitable about the placement of the white mic stand in the centre of the stage which pre-announced the arrival of lead singer, and bedecked in white, Leo Condie.

Very much the focus of the band Leo cuts a Ferryesque pose with the uber cool touches of Bowie and Jarvis Cocker. It is though more than just a melting pot of image we were treated to a real smorgasbord of musical influences too. Opener, ‘One Night Stand’, had a funky Oops Upside Your Head feel to it. Later ‘Anonymous Acts’ had us aching for the earlier mentioned Bowie. Blush was another where Leo reached for places last found by the also departed Billy Mackenzie.

White are no secret or guilty pleasure

The set ended with ‘Future Pleasures’ but White are no secret or guilty pleasure. There is more to White than just Leo with big guitars flanking him on either side and a tight rhythm section in a band which is also made up of three former members of Kassidy and Kirstin Lynn on drums. But this far removed from Kassidy as is the image of the former band members.

If the 80s synth sound was peeking round the corner of the door unsure of its welcome White have grabbed it by the collar and put it in the centre of the room and in the centre of the party. Well and truly updated for the 21st century but giving us a healthy glimpse back to yesteryear.

Overall a great, if a little too short a night but it should go without saying, White are no average band.

Check out our photos of the evening.

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