goNORTH radio was hosted at the Mercure for the two day event.

The mixture of approaches adopted by the trainees combined with a startling array of talent being interviewed, combined with the buzz of being part of a live recording created a great environment to escape for a few minutes or indeed hours.

Radio GoNorth Beecake 2 530x353 - Life on the air
Billy Boyd of Beecake, prior to his gig at The Room later in the evening
Radio GoNorth Silver Coast 1 530x353 - Life on the air
Aaron Murray of Silver Coast found a way to remember lyrics
Radio GoNorth Michael Cassidy + Guests Perform dancing in the Dark1 530x353 - Life on the air
One of the stand our sessions that we caught was when Michael Cassidy and Co led the audience in a rendition of ‘Dancing in the Dark’
Radio GoNorth Allison Shaw Olaf Public Enemy Branding2 530x353 - Life on the air
It was not just musicians that were on air, but a selection of guests including Allison Shaw & Olaf of Public Enemy Branding , Michael Redmond, Ally McCrae and Richard Jobson

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