Mixed up at the Showcase

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A review of Summer Showcase Six at the Ironworks, this week with Topher Elliot, Dougie Burns and the Cadillac Band and Be Like Pablo on Thursday the 15th of August, 2013.

Topher Elliot 3 600x592 - Mixed up at the Showcase

Topher Elliot was the first to take to the stage and immediately drew the crowd down to the front of the room – a sight I’ve rarely seen so far at these showcases. He immediately kicked off with a set of easy listening, acoustic songs – teaming up his interesting guitar skills with his practically perfect, haunting vocals, which edged on sounding like Placebo at times.

He fought through issues with his guitar as a string snapped mid set, and was handed a guitar by Dougie Burns to allow him to continue to play a captivating set. Highlights from his set included “Create”, “Escape” and “Losing Your Head”.

Dougie Burns Band 3 600x444 - Mixed up at the Showcase

Reunited with his guitar, Dougie Burns took the stage with his Cadillac Band. Playing a set of blues/classic rock and roll – not normally my kind of music, but I got caught up in the moment and even did a little dancing along. With a five-strong lineup – including Calum Brown who was roped in at the last minute – they lightened the mood and got people moving.

Dougie Burns Band 8 600x600 - Mixed up at the Showcase

Their set included moments which felt stereotypically blues rock – then the next minute their songs could easily fit into a Status Quo album. The variety they provided held everyone’s attention throughout the set. With songs about travelling through America and touching on how “everything goes wrong when you’re blonde” – Dougie regaled stories from his own life experiences which added a personal touch to the set. Other highlights from their set included “Dear John”, “I Believe I’m In Heaven and I’ve Been Saved” and “Old War Stories”.

Be Like Pablo 3 600x600 - Mixed up at the Showcase

Following on from their opening slot at Belladrum 2013, Forres’ own, Be Like Pablo took the evening in an entirely different direction as they brought their fun-loving geeky edge to the Ironworks. Opening with the up tempo “Julianne” immediately grabbed everyone’s attention and started the set off as they meant to go on. With their Weezer/Beach Boys sound they proved they have something entirely different to offer to many other bands around the area, and by looking around it was obvious people are taking notice as many were singing along.

Be Like Pablo 5 399x600 - Mixed up at the Showcase

Lead singer, Ewen Watson provided quick wit in between songs and enticed people to come dance down the front. They played through many of the songs from their new album “The New Adventures” including “Between The Lines”, “The Things You Do” and “The Post-It Song”.

Their first single, “Without The Pain” features rapping from their friend Kuda, however as he wasn’t available on the night, bassist Ross Watson took the reigns – and I must add that he did a spectacular job. Closing on “Someone To Love” was the perfect to choice, as it shows an entirely different side to the band – almost a vulnerable side, that is sure to make anyone fall in love with them a little bit.

Please look at more photos of the evening and see more from our Showcase coverage.

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