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Count Clockwork catch up with us prior to their support slot with Rudimental at the Ironworks on the 15th of September.

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Countclock Clockwork was the brain child of Louis W T Buick, who quickly invited Khalid Hussain to come on board. Subsequently they have been working hard, rewarded by a significant festival presence to airplay on BBC Introducing. The opportunity to catch up with the guys was too good to miss:

What motivated you guys to enter into music?

Louis: Well I’ve always been interested in music, from the age of 8 I’ve said I wanted to be in a band or be part of something within music. I think as I got older I found I enjoyed electronic music more and more so really focussed on learning how these people made these sounds

Khalid: We both went from band to band but never really found ourselves, when Louis asked me to join Count C for the live side it was very exciting, it was something fresh and something no one else we knew was doing at the time.

How has your music evolved since the formation of Count Clockwork?

Louis: It has changed massively, listening back to some of the old track I made I can hear loads of little annoying things that I’d now know how to change. I’m still learning everyday but I’m enjoying making music a lot more now – I’m always looking for new, weird ways to create sounds.

What do you think of the current music scene, what tunes and acts are you particularly aware of?

Louis : The dance scene is probably bigger than it’s ever been, every single pop artist is looking for producers and Djs to make their next hit, it’s crazy. I really feel this is the perfect time for us to give this a proper go.

Khalid: The artists I feel are changing the game and bringing something new to music are the likes of James Blake, Jamie XX, Jai Paul and Disclosure. Other harder electronic acts to be aware of are Ego Troopers, Vakkuum, Etnik and our friend Polymath – they are all looking at a bright future.

You guys have had a busy year, what has been the highlight ?

Louis: Yeah! It has been mad. If I had to choose a highlight it would have to be getting the chance to headline Belladrum’s Mother’s Ruin. The mood was top and the crowd are always up for a good time.

What are the keys to your success?

Louis: I think it’s all about the drive, when I started this I always had certain checkpoints I would be heading for, I wouldn’t be satisfied until I had reached them – you may get knocked down but it’s all part of the fun. If you believe in what you’re doing, you will back it 100% and you will eventually get to where you want to be.

You mentioned about the addition of MC KRTS to your live shows, what does he bring to the set?

Louis: I had heard Kurtis wrote songs a while ago but we hadn’t really spoken or ever crossed paths, I thought I’d chat to him about a collaboration and we ended up making ‘front 2 back’ in a matter of days – after that we all grew closer and realised we have very similar influences/tastes so I decided to offer him the chance to perform with us at the big Belladrum closing slot. He SMASHED it so I gave him a position as MC/Vocalist. Very excited to see what he’ll bring to the table at future gigs.

How’s the forthcoming EP release sounding, what should we be expecting?

Louis: I can’t give too much away but I’m very happy with the way it’s going so far – sticking to the stuff I love making but adding new elements – the latest freebie on OMGITM “Boomkleta” is just the start.

Khalid: From what I’ve heard, it’s sounding huge, Louis is constantly sending little demos and I’m always hearing new things coming through.

You’ve got quite a list of prestigious support slots from Toddla T to Annie Mac, how do you feel about adding Rudimental to the list?

Louis: Can’t wait. Rudimental are one of the fastest rising acts around at the moment, we’re excited to be joining them!

How does a support slot differ from one of your own night?

Louis: With a support slot you tend to try to alter edits etc. to fit in with the main acts target audience, it’s always good fun and a bit of a challenge – our own shows we try to keep it murky and aggressive, but that also can be affected by venue/city.

Khalid: Yeah, it all depends on the act we’re supporting I suppose, we have a few big ideas for Saturday though so we’re not too worried.

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