Fash Stewart reviews 2011

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Fash Stewart’s music and personality are well know in the area so his review was always going to be interesting….

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What’s your involvement in the music scene?
I’m a singer/songwriter and I love country music. I am a review writer for Flyinshoes Review and my new radio show, “2 hours of Bull” is in pre-production for a 10 show run on Medicine Show Internet Radio.

How has 2011 been for you musically?
It’s been a good year, I released a collection of my own songs, Interim, in February. They were, however, written between 2005 and 2010 so they have no real relevance to 2011! I certainly enjoyed touring in June and July with 30 gigs across Northern Europe, in addition to my local gigs in Aberdeen and the Highlands. I’ve written a few new songs too.

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I’ve enjoyed a lot of live music this year, from the Ballachulish Hellhounds in Hootananny at the start of January, to Ally MacLeod & Red Hook Rapids’ album launch in Strathpeffer at the end of November and everything in between!

What was the best local act this year. and why?
I could fall out with a few people here… Davy Cowan & The Stormchasers have been in immense form this year and his new album is great – when I was on tour, spending hours on buses & trains, I was repeatedly listening to “It’s Summertime” – (therefore thats the most played song by a local artist on my computer’s music library). The computer says Davy Cowan.

What was the best non-local act you have seen this year?
Once again, I could fall out with a few people, and I’ll resist from saying Mumford & Sons.
One of the best non-local acts I’ve seen this year was Tim Ten Yen. I played the same gig as him at the Bull & Gate, Kentish Town in July, where he has a residency every Month. I was pleasantly shocked! An outrageous stage personality, it’s hard to forget his set in a hurry!

What was your favourite music experience this year?
On my tour, playing with and to friends and strangers on train platforms (when asked!), in campsites, in train compartments, picking up new songs in sessions, and people joining in singing along all blended into one great experience. And to be in the company of our visitor from Minnesota, Charlie Roth, felt a bit like a continuation of that vibe I had been enjoying most of the summer! Charlie was well received on both the Tartan Heart Fringe and at Belladrum itself; A great personality, taking time to have the craic with everyone (everyone), his huge sets at both Hoots and at the Potting Shed were a great experience to be there for. (Not to mention Rob Ellen on the tea chest bass!)

What do you want from Santa?
I was in the furniture shop by the undertakers in town a while back, and I saw this great chair – I’d have to say that it was the most comfortable chair I’ve ever had the pleasure to sit in and Santa would be well served to note that fact. This is the one:

What’s your hopes for the music scene in 2012?

The music scene in the Highland’s is one of the best I’ve seen… excuse the pun… There’s so many great people plugging away and my biggest hope is that more and more people make it through the doors of the venues and pubs to listen to our music over the next year.
From promoters and venues to the local press and of course the gig-goer, there’s a great deal of support for members of the Highland music scene, and I hope that such supporters will continue to do so in the coming year.

What are your plans for 2012?

I’ve written a few new songs, and I’ve been recording them as and when so there’ll be a new album sometime over the next year or two. I enjoy camping, and I enjoy gigging so once again I’ll most likely find some time to combine them both when the opportunity arises.

Got anything to plug?
You can still get Interim, my collection of songs – my website has the details. www.fashstewart.co.uk
My new radio show is coming soon, I’ll be playing country music, talking politics, religion and we have some great guests lined up. www.internetradio.co.uk
I’ll be hosting my annual Christmas party at the Coffee Shop in Strathpeffer on the 22nd December, there’ll be an open mic and a festive feel to the night. That’ll be broadcast on MSIR too.
I’m auctioning off a signed t-shirt by everyone who performed on the Potting Shed Stage in 2011 – that’ll be an online charity auction, watch out for details!

Thanks to Fash Stewart

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