Thomas Bisset reviews 2011

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It seemed only right that we would start the festive reviews of the year with one of the stalwarts of the invernessGiGs team. Thomas has shown a great commitment to the Inverness music scene, through his involvement with invernessGiGs that has seen him not only picking up his camera but also his pen when needed..

We would really like to thank Thomas for his hard work this year, anyway I’ll let him introduce himself…

Who are you?

Thomas Bisset

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What’s your involvement in the music scene (gig goer, musician, etc etc)?

Photographer and occasional reviewer for InvernessGiGs

How has 2011 been for you musically?

Varied. I’ve covered far more bands this year than I have since I started shooting bands four years ago, some I’d have never bothered to go and see had it not been for the site. Seen far more local bands this year too thanks to the GoNorth and Ironworks showcases highlighting just how much talent we have up here.

What was the best local act this year. And why?

I want to say Toby Michaels – possibly one of the hardest working guys on the scene at the moment and always puts on a great show, even when best laid plans go completely wrong – but I am slightly biased!

What was the best non-local act you have seen this year?

Quite a few contenders for this but I’d have to say the Twilight Sad were my highlight. Also really enjoyed the Skints – they supported Reel Big Fish earlier in the year.

What was your favourite music experience this year?

Overall, possibly Belladrum – it was my first ever festival and surprisingly chilled out. It was great seeing so many local bands (particularly Hoodja and Iain McLaughlin & the Outsiders) getting a chance on the bigger stages they deserve.

What do you want from Santa?

A new camera bag would be nice. I’m really picky when it comes to bags – I’ve got a massive collection. No, I’m not a woman…

What’s your hopes for the music scene in 2012?

2011 was a great year for me at least, so more of the same in 2012 would be nice. Oh, and also some paid work – that would be awesome.

What are your plans for 2012?

To keep snapping away really. It’ll not be much different from 2011 – unless the Mayan prophecies were right and the world ends in December next year. That would be kind-of annoying.

Got anything to plug?

I have a website at If anyone wants to like me on Facebook I have a fan page there too. Or if you just want to like me in real life, that’s fine too.

A notefrom the editor

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Chris Lemon
Chris Lemon
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