Good Enough by Baby Taylah, REVIEW

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Baby Taylah releases new EP, ‘Good Enough’.

If you hadn’t heard of Baby Taylah before reading this, then get ready to hear more about this rising star in the future. Not only has she been gifted with an enchanting voice that makes listening to her tracks a treat, but she is also a talented guitar and harp player. 

With this in mind, I wasn’t expecting her brand new EP titled ‘Good Enough’ to be such an electronic production. This doesn’t mean to say I was disappointed when I heard it was!

The first song, also titled ‘Good Enough’, focuses on reflecting on our own behaviour and forgiving ourselves for past misdemeanours, while questioning whether one would still be good enough for a potential afterlife. It was refreshing to hear a songwriter divert their set list away from the usual love/breakup songs. Having a socially relevant meaning behind it made it all the better. 

This track set the vibe for the rest of the EP. I just couldn’t seem put my finger on what that vibe was. Baby Taylah does not confine her music to a genre, nor a style; I just knew I enjoyed listening to it.

I was instantly drawn in by her vocals, which didn’t hide her accent at all. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard of many singers mixing their Scottish twang with such contemporary music. It definitely made the EP sound more original, authentic and relatable (though I doubt my Invernesian accent would create a similar effect). 

The second track ‘Home’ was originally released as a single. It’s about missing someone being around. Taylah herself commented “Menial everyday tasks like simply travelling back home with that person is something you would pay a high price just to experience it for one last time”. This song is touching and emotive. Especially near the end when we’re left listening to a raw voice with a single harp. At least I think it was a harp. 

Baby Taylah is no stranger to the music scene. She discovered music was her passion at just 14 years old, and has been playing gigs around Glasgow since 2009. One of which was at TRNSMT Festival, where she played on the Queen Tut’s stage. You’d think someone with such talent and experience wouldn’t feel imposter syndrome at all. Though, It’s ‘Imposter Syndrome’ that happens to be my favourite song on the EP. The captivating lyrics left me feeling empowered, as Taylah would have wanted: “I wanted the EP to be empowering; I wrote it as a comeback from failing the first time ‘round, and it was important for me to express the emotions that came along with that.”

I can definitely vouch for this EP being a success for Baby Taylah. The last track on the EP ‘Reclaim’ has already been played by the BBC and Amazing Radio. It’s about taking back the reins of your life, and was written during a time Taylah felt out of control of her own. The experimental side of her music making is very clear in this song; I’m already excited to hear even more musical experiments from her.

Good Enough, released by Icons Creating Evil Art is available through the normal streaming channels NOW.

You can check Baby Taylah out here.

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Morna Ross
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