Kieran of Liimo – Interview

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Ahead of their gig at The Seedlings Stage, Belladrum 2019, Kieran of Liimo chats to IGigs.

LIIMO’s releases ‘Pineapple Radio’ ‘Get Weird’ and ‘Pink in Heaven’ including the clash who described ‘Get Weird’ as “a synth-pop dazzler, a slick piece of alt-pop”. Drawing similarities to The 1975 and CHVRCHES, LIIMO pride themselves on an honesty of approach “there needs to be a whole vibe and belief in what you’re doing”, they explained.

They joined Tamzene on their ‘Belladrum on the Road’ tour in May, so perhaps hit was no surprise that they joined the bill when The Seedling Stage was announced.

You have ten words to describe your act, no more no less…

Aspirational paradise pop against a big city life backdrop

As an act how has 2019 been for you so far?

Well, if you’d told us in January that by now we’d have released three singles, played shows around the country and landed our first festival slot at bella. we’d be elated! So, things feel very positive around the limo camp. The best part has been getting out there and meeting new fans.

How important is playing Belladrum for you?

As our first ever festival performance, it’s a pretty momentous occasion and with us being from Scotland, Belladrum is an event that we’ve grown up with so now to be playing at it feels special.

If your set only consisted of three songs, which ones would they be and why?

Get Weird, Pink in Heaven and Pineapple Radio as they’re the ones we’ve released and it’s always lovely to have people singing along at shows.

The Seedlings stage has seen several bands that have been promoted through the bill at Belladrum, where do you see yourselves in five years time, and what will help you in your journey?

Four albums deep, touring the world and playing the main stages at festivals and how we get there is the fans! Which is why we’re so appreciative of anybody who’s come to a show, got a tee shirt, commented on a post and taken the time to listen. 

 Which other acts on the Seedlings bill would you recommend people see this year?

Check out LaKyoto as our fellow Edinburgers; really enjoying Hannah Slavin at the moment too.

The next section have limited responses, but an explanation for your choices might be entertaining (you may of course choose to be enigmatic).

Given the sci-fi theme of Belladrum 2019, construct your band with sci-fi characters? 

CJ would be Bender from Futurama as he has no filter and likes to drink

Jamo would be Obi Wan Kenobi because he’s enlightened and one with everything

I (Kieran) would be Marty McFly because I refuse to grow up and I just want a overboard really.

Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Wars cuz…lightsabers

Time travel or teleportation? That’s tough actually, usually we’d say time travel every time but teleportation takes it now. Liimo’s all about taking yourself away to paradise so zapping there would be very handy.

You are allowed to time travel to one gig, which one is it? John Mayer’s first ever gig.

Your band can soundtrack one sci-fi film, which one would it be? Tron but it’d be a reaaaal tough job as it’s already class.

Coolest Sci-fi character? Morpheus, he’s a bad ass, breaking handcuffs n that.

What invention would you like to see a reality in the future? a lung brush to clean out the dirty city air.

New single ‘‘If You Love Me’ is out on all platforms on the 2nd of August.

Liimo play Belladrum on Saturday 3rd of August at 18:05 on the Seedlings Stage.

Buying upgrades for the festival from this link helps the website.

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