Lucille – Interview

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Ahead of their gig at The Tooth & Claw in August, Lucille answer a few questions for us.

Lucille mark a changing of the guard with their forthcoming gig which will be the last with the current line-up   

What has been Lucille’s biggest achievement?

Collectively we would agree that performing at this years Belladrum for the first time has been our biggest achievement, we put a lot of work and desire into reaching Belladrum and it was great to see all our hard work paying off, so we are definitely grateful to everyone who helped make it happen.

In a way it was also very poignant that it happened to be one of our last gigs together. The experience itself was everything we had hoped it would be, a great crowd, good turn out, and the sun was shining….

What are your fondest memories of Lewis and Jack?

Marc – Not so much a memory but just the sheer joy and respect I hold for Lewis seeing him grow from this shy individual who first came to audition for Neon Knights nearly 5 years ago to the driven, confident, hard working and damn good guitarist who will leave Lucille next week. Lewis recently got married and his Wedding, which I was honoured to be apart of, will surely live long in the memory.

With Jack I’ve made a friend for life , Lewis also, but I think it would be fair to say we probably weren’t each others biggest fans in the beginning. I found it very hard to accept anyone playing drums for us that wasn’t Daniel (Ex Neon Knights drummer) and I wasn’t very good at hiding this fact but thankfully Jack persisted with us and helped the band grow, and probably helped me grow as a person as well. Jack, the gear geek, I love how knowledgeable and thorough he is with his music, the man knows more about guitars than anyone I’ve ever met and its funny when he starts rattling of stats about a guitar I’ve played or purchased and all I can think is “Yeah, its white and sounds nice”

Gordon –  I love the banter we all have together and the weekend in Edinburgh recording the two singles with Mark Morrow, we made something special and it was just a fantastic weekend. However, hand on heart I can honestly say losing these two will be tough, and for now its like losing a part of myself. I’m sure come “Borrowed Time” on Friday night at The Tooth and Claw there will even be a few tears.

Where are they going to?

Marc- Jack is moving to Wales near Bangor to Study Music full time with the aspiration of making it a full time career, and to be closer to his family.

Lewis is also moving on to help further his career and is looking to spend more time with his wife and family.

Gordon and myself wish them all the best and are delighted we were able to share this journey together.

We also can’t wait to see what Jack will do next musically and hopefully we can share a bill together in the future.

What’s next for Lucille?

Currently not a lot, we are continuing our look out for a new guitarist and drummer. We talked about splitting the band up with the importance Lewis and Jack had, similar to when Lauren left Neon Knights but we feel we are at a stage now where we have progressed well and have some great material and we don’t want to see it go to waste, so with the guys blessings we have decided to continue.

We’ve also trialled myself and Gordon as a duo nicknamed the “Dad Band” due to our fantastic dad dancing and dad bods but that’s maybe best left on the back burner, because nobody wants to experience that do they?

Short term we want to be back up and running with the view to be back gigging and recording early next year and long term, having experienced Belladrum as an artist, we want to be putting ourselves in contention for Belladrum next year and beyond.

You can catch Jack and Lewis’ last gig with Lucille this Friday 17th August at The Tooth and Claw as part of Lucille and Friends with special guests Park Circus and Thurso based band Forgetting the Future.

Tickets available on the night for £3.00 and doors open at 20.00.

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