Home$lice – XpoNorth 2018 Interview

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We ask Josh from Home$lice a few question ahead of their gig at XpoNorth in June.

Who are you and what do you do?

Josh lead singer, Home$lice from Glasgow. Our music could probably be described as alt pop. We are influenced by 80’s indie like The Smiths, Orange Juice and Pixies. But also a lot contemporary music like Charlie XCX Diiv and Beach fossils.

There is so many acts and other things happening at XpoNorth, what makes your band stand out ?

We are heavily driven by melody and we try to change the construct around as much as possible. We really love playing live and essentially enjoying the gig alongside whoever comes to see us, so it’s a definite must if you want to come down and dance about and basque in our enjoyment and general classness.

Which other acts are you hoping to catch at Xpo ?

Our good buddies Shredd are playing and they consistently cause it where ever they go. Fauves are another band who we love. Great singing and great tunes. Edwin Organ is another act we are buzzing to see – eclectic and original and also Kaputt. I could go on.

For the band, what has give you the greatest sense of achievement so far in your career?

So far the most surreal thing we have done was play a film festival in Poland. Someone came to see us in Glasgow and offered us the spot after the gig. That felt pretty nice. I’d say the biggest achievement however is writing and recording our first album ‘Howdy’ that we relseaded earlier this year. Being able to look at something you’ve worked so hard on and reflect has been amazing. It’s changed how we see ourselves as musicians and shown us that we can try different things and constantly improve on our song writing.

What’s on the horizon?

We want to release some new singles , get a few more festival slots and hopefully another tour before the year is out.

Where can we catch you ?

We will be playing The Tooth and Claw in Inverness on the 27th of June at 9pm.

Anything else?

Whooooo Dawgy

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