5 to watch at Jocktoberfest 2017

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We cast our eye over some of our favourite acts at Jocktoberfest 2017 and recommend our top 5.

With a festival boasting the many lures of Black Isle Brewery, sometimes the music can act as a secondary feature, more complimentary than stage stealing.

At other times there have been some acts that standout and force you away from the beer or the chat and make you want to listen, bounce along, rock your head, dance in the hay or whatever floats your boat. We look at which acts may do that for you this year.


Tamzene at Belladrum 2017 24 530x424 - 5 to watch at Jocktoberfest 2017

It’s hard to avoid Tamzene at the moment; picked by Belladrum Records as their first signing, promising live performances at Belladrum, XpoNorth finding her way to the likes of LA and Sweden to perform in front of those in the “biz”. Well written poppy tunes, check out debut “Lullaby” and it’s follow-up “Enough for Me”, that Clash described as earned her the title of “one of the Highlands’ real gems”.

Spring Break

Spring Break at Northen Roots 2017 19 530x354 - 5 to watch at Jocktoberfest 2017

You know some acts are perfect for festivals, and Spring Break epitomises that.Debuting at Belladrum and continuing to grow in stature. MC Butterscotch describes what they try to achieve in their gigs; “Our focus is on engaging with audiences and trying to make the live experience fun and inclusive.”

Whilst their debut album ‘Tropicaledonia’ may not have arrived as soon as we expected, we keep our fingers crossed that it will be released soon. We are ,however, still willing to bet, rain or dry that you’ll be singing along to Tractor Tractor…

Rail Fan

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With a recommendation from Irvine Welsh, Rail Fan promise “serious funk, swinging jazz , grizzly blues riffs, earthy, soulful tones alongside a hearty dose of Americana.” The band features father and son trio Frank, Peter and Neil McCulloch joined by Chrissy Wilson who Jon Fratteli described as sounding like “a Scottish Tom Waits”.

Posable Action Figures

Posable Action Figures 4 at Belladrum 2017  530x354 - 5 to watch at Jocktoberfest 2017

Posable Action Figures championed by the likes of Vic Galloway and winning airplay on Radio 1 (with single ‘Cut’). Whilst there has been a change in personnel for the act that combines pop rock and electronica combo, it has done little to dampen the impact, as anyone who saw their Seedlings performance would attest.


Ho Ro 9 at Belladrum 2017  530x354 - 5 to watch at Jocktoberfest 2017

We suspect that the award-winning trad folk four piece will not have the police intervention that they had when they played the main stage at Belladrum 2017. They have had a busy summer with Europe dates and festival appearances including Cambridge Folk Festival. You will be dancing in the hay to this popular and well-respected group.

Honourable mentions need to go to Iain McLaughlin and The Outsiders, James Mackenzie , Garden of Elks, Ashley and the Cosmonauts… Good times indeed.

Whilst there are tickets available, we have been reliably informed that they are strictly limited now, so grab them via this link.

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