Randolph’s Leap for Cowardly Deeds

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Randolph’s Leap to release follow up to Clumsy Knot

The long awaited second (official) album Cowardly Deeds by indie-pop melody makers, Randolph’s Leap will be released on Olive Grove Records in May

Prolific purveyors of finely crafted indie pop; Cowardly Deeds is described as a ‘joyous, brass-tinged folk-pop racket that perfectly captures the thrill of the band’s live performance’. Firm favourites with the Inverness Gigs cognoscenti they’ve alternatively been described as, ‘delivering witty songs, clever lyrics and a knack for telling a story, something that is all too rare in these times of insipid pop songs about love and rejection’.

Cowardly Deeds was recorded over the course of two weeks at Gran’s House studio in rural Lanarkshire. For a band previously specialising in lo-fi home recording, this converted farmhouse nestled between the River Clyde and Tinto Hill was the perfect location for the 8-piece group to relax into the recording process and explore new ways of working together.  The isolated, residential nature of the studio allowed the band to record as late into the night as they wished, with the only real ‘neighbour’ to speak of being a stoat who lived under the floorboards of the studio. This little mascot has been immortalised in the album artwork (designed by Kris Ferguson).

Working under the guidance of Cardiff-based engineer Keith Holmes, the songs were recorded live without a metronome in order to capture the dynamic and exuberant on-stage atmosphere that the band have become well known for. This is described as the band’s most collaborative offering so far, showcasing the strengths and personality of the 8 musicians as well as Adam’s songwriting.

The title Cowardly Deeds comes from a line in the opening song and reflects a theme which runs throughout the whole album. Specifically, Adam has spoken about exploring “the idea of fear and doubt being at the heart of decision-making” in these ten songs about lost friendships, human nature, love, personal failings and silver linings.

We’ve been lucky enough to have been given a sneak preview and can confirm that it lives up to the billing of being an album recorded by a band who are ‘enjoying each other’s playing as well as each other’s company’, this shines through and there’s a particular joie de vivre that’s hard to spot in many other bands of the moment.

Mixed by Rob Jones (Sweet Baboo, Rozi Plain, Voluntary Butler Scheme) and mastered by Robin Sutherland, the songs have travelled through cyberspace to Wales, England, Finland and even Thailand before returning to Scotland to find a home on Olive Grove Records.

Cowardly Deeds will be released on LP, CD and on digital format through Olive Grove Records on 20 May 2016. Randolph’s Leap celebrate the launch of their new album at St. Luke’s in Glasgow, further detail at the band’s website.

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Toby Stainton
Toby Stainton
I've always loved music and spent my late teens and early twenties playing guitar in various bands on Lewis and Aberdeen. Other than playing in some truly terrifying pubs in Aberdeen not much came of it and life became focused on family and having a 'proper' job. Inverness Gigs is an outlet for me to quell my inner frustrated musician and the caliber of local acts has even inspired me to take my own music more seriously again. Who knows, one day I might venture back on stage under the fierce scrutiny of an Inverness Gigs reviewer! You can contact Toby direct at Toby@Igi.gs

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