Schnarff, Home and Away

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Interview with Myles Bonnar of Schnarff Schnarff

Schnarff Schnarff have a busy month ahead of them, London is calling whilst a home coming in Inverness and a second King Tut’s headline gig and an Edinburgh gig also awaits.  A debut album was announced for later in this year, you can’t be thinking that the momentum will be stopping anytime soon. So two years after our last catch up Myles was kind enough to take a few questions from us;

In 2014 Myles described the band’s sound as ”alternative-punchy-rock-indie fuelled by cynicism, existentialism and our experiences on nights-out.”, how do you think the sound has evolved over the last two years?

We have moved onto a level where we feel “this is Schnarff Schnarff” and the songs we have created all represent an element of our sound! We are still rocky, cynical, existential etc etc but we have pulled in our more developed and experienced sound, paying attention to ensuring our record sounds like our live performances….loud and aggressive! Also, there isn’t much about nights out anymore. The album is on the way so I guess people will have to wait and find out how far we have come….

What’s been the best bit of advice that you have received about being in a band?

Keep it domestic! We just worry about ourselves and don’t give any time to the negative aspects of the music industry or life in general. We just rock up to our wee lock-up in Dalmarnock and make music…..if people like it, like us and want us to feature in their shows, festivals and reviews…then mint!

You have talked about the practical plans for the debut album via facebook, how is the creative process for the LP coming along?

Creative process is at studio stage! We have the songs, we have picked them from an extensive body of work, we have fine-tuned, tested them live and now pieced them together with a musical spine to connect them all. We just need to enter the studio, formulate little intricate changes and utilise the experience of Paul Savage to put this sound to the press.

Given that you have played Ironworks on several occasions what prompted your decision to play Mad Hatters on this trip back to Inverness?

Intimacy! We wanted to play a gig at eye-level!

March will also see your first foray to London, it’s quite a big jump for any band, what are the advantages and challenges of such a trip?

The challenges are lugging a couple of tonnes of equipment down south and sleeping on my sister’s floor for a night BUT that’s it! The rest is advantageous! New crowd, big city, new experience….it is what it is all about! We also don’t feel like it is a jump as we are ready to play anywhere, any level…give us the opportunity and we will deliver.

Your festival schedule appears to be building towards a busy summer for you guys, what festivals would be on your wish list for 2016?

Well, Belladrum is a definite and naturally we are hoping to return to Brew at the Bog, XPONorth, T in the Park, Wickerman etc etc….we want to play all these again so hopefully the bookers come-a-calling!

Out-with the places we have already played, we would love pick up enough momentum to secure Reading/ Leeds, Download, Glasto and the likes! It’s a long shot but better aiming high….one day, one day! Summer 2016 will see us release our debut album so hopefully it will spark something big for us….

Schnarff Schnarff will play Mad Hatters, Inverness on the 19th of March and the mentioned gig in London at Cafe 1001 on the 23rd of March, all the other gig details are on their Facebook page

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