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Interview with DIME

According to Internet Slang, DIME means “$10 of a drug” or “Very attractive person”, we will assume that the latter stands for the new four-piece band. Having played around the area, releasing a second EP ,’Live’, and an ambition to grow their gigging CV, we catch up with the guys;

How did you guys come together to become ‘Dime’?

Well we have always been mates really, some of us were family friends for as long as we can remember then the rest of the band met at school. We’re all really interested in music and played various instruments and it all just sort of came together from there, jamming together and slowly becoming what is now “DIME”.

You’ve described your music as ‘Indie Rock’, what does that term mean to you?

We are a rock band but nothing too extreme, we like to play what makes us feel good whilst still having a meaning behind it, we just like to play a few chords with some catchy guitar riffs thrown in there.

‘Live’ marks the second EP that you have released, what did you learn from the process?

We recorded out first EP in the summer of 2015 which was a crazy experience but as time grew on we felt like the music we were making and we as a band were changing so we needed to make a new one to show the difference in us as a band and in our sound! If you listen to the “Live from the Shed” EP compared to the old one you can tell it’s a lot more raw and feel good and shows how far we’ve come!

For the band, what are most important components of your music?

We would have to say that the most important components of our music is our energy, switching up our songs at any moment and giving you something you’re not expecting so that it never gets boring.

Having played with a few of the bands in the area, which local bands do you most enjoy listening to?

Dr Wook, The Ragazzi and Atlas.

What are the three songs that best represent you guys and why did you pick them?

Sea Song
Stay Awake

We chose these three as they are all different to the one before them, showing the different styles we can play and how versatile we are. ‘Sea Song’ is quite uplifting and a feel good song whereas the words to ‘Stay Awake’ are quite sad but peaceful and ‘River’ is quite fast-paced and gets bigger and bigger.

What’s your plan for 2016?

We’re really just hoping to play as many gigs as possible and are always looking for new places to play, we hopefully have some gigs lined up in Aberdeen and Glasgow. Any gigs will be announced on our Facebook page, and if anyone wants to give us a shout that’s the best way to get in touch with us. Towards the end of the year we are hoping to record our first album!

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