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Interview with Nick Laidlaw of Seed of Sorrow, ahead of their gig for ‘One Night of Rawk’, Inverness in December.

To celebrate the many dimensions of ‘Rawk’ we sent some questions to each of the bands on the line-up of ‘One Night of Rawk’

Seed of Sorrow and their brand of “melodic death metal” has seen them impressing fans and plaudits including being Highland Battle of the Bands winner in 2014 and nominated for the SAMAs ‘Best Metal’ category. They were kind enough to answer a few questions;

IGigs – Trent Reznor said that “ rock music was never meant to be safe. I think there needs to be an element of intrigue, mystery, subversiveness.” What do you think are the key elements of your music ?

With Seed Of Sorrow there will never be a lack of passion and energy. You can feel it in the recordings and we bring it to our live shows. We want to leave the listeners wanting more.

IGigs – As a band, you are only allowed to have one album to listen to for eternity, would it be an easy process to decide, what album would it be and why?

With all band members coming from different backgrounds of rock and metal this is an impossible question to answer with just ONE album I’m afraid. You can never be wrong with Pantera or Black Sabbath though. Why? Because they kick ass thats why.

IGigs – The demands of being in a band are massive, what keeps your band gigging and what are the essential aspects to driving your band forward?

Well the same thing that keeps every musician going. The love for making music. For ourselves, for the ones we love. And in our case the ones we fucking hate aswell. All these are things that give us the inspiration to keep writing and playing shows.

It’s hard work. And theres always obstacles slowing you down. Whether it be people or something beyond our control. One things for sure though. We’re not going to stop.

IGigs – ‘One Night of Rawk’ features five bands with local links, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the local scene?

We are always grateful to be playing with our fellow local rockers every time we can. Great music with great friends. What more can you ask for? ‘One Night Of Rawk’ is a prime example of that. But ask yourself is a Death Metal band such as Seed Of Sorrow a good fit alongside the likes of rock bands Devil’s Queen and Broken Ravens? Are the genres too different? Some would see this as a disadvantage as to potentially playing to the ‘wrong crowd’. To them we raise a middle finger because they’re getting a face full of metal. And they’re going to love it.

IGigs – The experience of a band having a good live performance, stays with you, how do you prepare for your gigs, and what do you use to judge whether you have had a good night or not?

Theres a few important things we have to consider before we play a live show. We have to straighten our hair, make sure our outfits are all coordinated correctly and most importantly sing a little prayer. This is obviously bollocks. Usually it’s ‘Do we have enough beer?’ and in some cases figuring out whos the designated driver. Other than that we go with the flow of the evening. Which works out for the most part. If the crowd are smiling and having a great time after the show THAT’S how we know we’ve done a job well done. And its a great feeling.

IGigs – Given the time of year, we are normally afforded the opportunity to reflect on the year, how would the band view 2015 and what’s next for 2016?

2015 has been an extremely tough year. Alot of stuff has happened in our personal lives which has affected the band. Time out was needed. Being nominated for Scottish Alternative Music Awards Best Metal 2015 was definitely a highlight. Towards the end of 2015 we have got the ball rolling again and plan on releasing our second EP which has been a long process but believe us it’ll be a fucking weapon of a CD. We’re going to aim to play festivals of course and get more gigs outwith Scotland. 2016 is going to be a good year for us.

Seed of Sorrow will be playing ‘One Night of Rawk’ (Devil’s Queen, Swamp Radio, Lawless & The Leash and The Broken Ravens are also on the bill) The Spectrum Centre, Inverness on Saturday December 12th.

Tickets available on line from here.

You can track the band down on Twitter @seedofsorrowsos and Facebook @seedofsorrow. After ‘One Night of Rawk’ you can catch Seed of Sorrow supporting Zombie Militia at The Market Bar on Christmas Eve.

You can read an interview with The Broken Ravens who share billing with Seed of Sorrow at ‘One Night of Rawk’.

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