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Interview with Karima Francis ahead of playing Inverness in November.

Karima Francis sings from the heart with an impressive amount of talent and honesty, the raw emotion catches and stays with you. She will be returning to Inverness for a second time (third, if you include her Belladrum 12 slot) in November as part of her promotion for ‘BLACK’, and we couldn’t wait to ask her a few questions.

Your trip to Inverness in 2011 was your first time playing the city what were your memories of the gig?

I remember playing Ironworks, and having a very special gig there, also I remember boats? is there some sort of dock there or am I confused? Oh and good Charity shops!

“Laid bare” and “Heartfelt” seems to be phrases that are used frequently in describing your music, how difficult are the processes of writing performing material that you have such an emotional tie to?

As I writer I think we all find it hard to sing certain songs, because they bring back memories you have tried to erase, and so on, I guess, I do always talk more about the sadness, I think happiness is something thats easy to feel, where as sadness is a struggle, its hard. It feels easier for me to communicate that. The writing, can vary, It seems nowadays I dont write as much as I did, well I do, but most of its shit, If I try and force myself to write about something Im not that involved in I struggle to make it believable.

The feedback from your fans to ‘BLACK’ must be very affirming to read, as a third album, how do you feel about it?

I feel good, I felt like this album was my baby, as I wrote it all and arranged it all too. I knew the sound I wanted on this album more ambient angsty, It’s nice not having a record label over your head whilst making a record, I made the record I wanted. which was the best I could do in 2 weeks time. The feedback has been really encouraging, I was nervous what my fans were going to think as its slightly darker and different to The Author and The Remedy.

You visit Inverness early in the 20 date tour, it seems like quite an intense schedule, is that through preference or necessity?

No through preference, I need to get back out there, being on stage is where I feel at home. It’s been a long time since I’ve down my own tour…

Despite the recording of the album featuring a full band, what informed the decision to promote the album with a solo tour?

It’s funny you ask that, well 1. I cant afford to take anyone out with me and 2… There is no 2. Thats the only reason.

Last time you visited you were not hiding your Blackpool roots by selling sticks of rock, will there be any interesting merch this time round?

Just my CD’s this time, I’m hoping I will have ‘BLACK’ by the time I get to Inverness, it’s in the final stages of going to print!

Karima will be joined on the bill by Michael Cassidy on Friday the 13th of November. Tickets available on-line.

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