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Hannah Finlayson at Starbucks 2/10/2014. A Review.

Thursday was a grumpy day and there was no actual reason, as although it’s October the sun had been out but I was still grumpy and had decided after working a little late I was going straight home to my bed and skipping this week’s live music at Starbucks.

However fate had other ideas and just as I was about to walk down my street I received a text from my mum “in Eastgate see you at Starbucks in 5 xxx”. Lucky I live close and even managed to bump into my mum under the clock as it struck 6pm and the ark began to tell its story.

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“she was delightful, engaging and her words reminded me that we all need to just keep trying “

When we walked in Hannah Finlayson had already begun and straight away the music calmed me down. Then armed with a giant (soya) hot chocolate we found great seats by the window with ample view of the performance. We get comfy and almost instantly I’m uplifted by Hannah’s cover of ‘Travellin Soldier’ by the Dixie Chicks, perfect given my mum’s contagious love of this band, it is truly a family favourite and I could see it had made her day.

Hannah who is just 17 and still at High school played earlier this year at Belladrum on the Friday, finished off at her at set Starbucks with two of her own songs ‘Drain me‘ and the aptly (to me) name song ‘I’m Trying’, in my mind I was initially directing the word ‘very’ at myself as I considered my own personal dating situation (I am a nightmare). However she was not, she was delightful, engaging and her words reminded me that we all need to just keep trying and when in doubt listening!

The lesson to be learnt for me was even if at the end of the day your thinking, ‘ooft I want to go home and hide’, don’t!! Come down to Starbucks every second Thursday and fill your mind with music, your body with a hot drink and leave in a much better place.

Next time on the 16th, things take a charitable direction with the event being run in a association with Birchwood Highland’s Music is Life project, for more details check out #TGMIGT#4 events page and for all future information That Fried Gold music and Inverness Gigs Thing.


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Dawn Stella McArthur
Dawn Stella McArthur
I can’t promise you intellectual chat about structure or comparisons to other bands but I am going to try and put the feelings I have into text. That being said you might hear the word tingle more than occasionally and other words like fantastic, amazing and delighted are favourites! Honestly I am only learning about instruments and how music goes together, possibly as most of my 20’s I was reaching for lazers. Live music baffles, intrigues and delights me!! However I have not a musical making bone in my body but I love to dance and make the occasional badge for talented musical folks. ;-) If you enjoy excited ramblings about music tickling my senses as I learn and fall more in love with it, then you might like things I try to write.

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