Mylo gets ready for Ironworks

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Mylo makes a welcome return to Inverness on the 2nd of November with a DJ Set at the Ironworks. We managed to catch a few words prior to his appearance.

How important are your Highland roots to you and your music?

Very important to me but not sure about the music. Obviously I don’t usually play traditional music although I did play a set of Capercaillie reels at Rock Ness one year and an entirely folk set at Celtic Connections last year. I used to play tunes on the Accordion and while obviously they are much much better than me I was interested to learn that the Abba guys learned their music through playing Swedish folk!

How are you feeling about returning to Inverness?

Really happy to be playing in my birth town of course. This gig at the Ironworks has been a long time in getting together. Also one of my best pals got married at home in Skye last weekend so we’re spending the week in Skye with our 18 month old son Gus so he can spend some time with his grandparents. So that’s grand.

How do you set about planning what to play at a DJ set?

Lots of listening to promos, lots of record shopping, mainly from Juno records. Then marking each track for key, warping for use with Ableton Live.

What tunes are your “must plays” at the moment?

My friend Kiwi put out a great record called Guanaco Haka earlier this year. It’s a slow burner but great on the dancefloor.

What music most inspires?

Anything by Siriusmo, in fact he’s so good it can have the opposite effect and make you want to quit.

I think you have been asked this in every interview I have read with you, sorry! Where are you at with the follow up to ‘Destroy Rock & Roll’?

Obviously I’ve been away a long time, there were some problems that I’m not really at liberty to discuss. I always say this but – I’m just grateful to still get asked to DJ at the occasional party.

What are your other plans at the moment?

Looking after the toddler sure takes a chunk of time. Other than that, keeping going with music projects and I’d like to make a film. A Western but set in the (Scottish) Highlands.

Mylo can be found at Facebook, Twitter and of course at the Ironworks on the 2nd of November (Tickets).


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