Desecrator and the Highland Death Metal Tea Party

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Mark Dubanowski talks about Desecrator and the Highland Death Metal Tea Party to be held on the 23rd of June, 2012 in Dingwall.

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Mark Dubanowski is a man of many roles, whether it’s as the one man death metaller Desecrator or as organiser of the forth coming Highland Death Metal Tea Party, so it seemed reasonable that we asked him a few questions…

What has the response to the Highland Death Metal Tea Party been like?

Everyone in the local metal scene, along with folk outside of the Inverness area (Glasgow, East Kilbride, Dundee just to name a few places) are talking about it. Even those, who metal isn’t exactly their cup of tea (coughs), seem to be fully backing it, simply because it’s something different to the usual things that happen in Dingwall, if not the Highlands as a whole…

All in all, I expect The Tea Posy will be packed out on the night with metal heads and tea lovers!

Without stating the obvious, what should people expect from the Tea Party?

Good metal, good beverages, good cakes and good fun!

You can pick only two acts from the line up (no cheating) to see. Which ones would they be, and why?

That’s not exactly fair haha…all the acts are bringing something unique to the party!

If I was to only pick two acts, first one would be Hamish Roberts. He’s a fantastic classical guitar player and his interpretations of metal songs on said classical guitar will be a real eye-opener for those attending. The other recommended band would probably be PaRtY-CaNnOn, who are known for bringing the party to wherever they play. I have always enjoyed nights where I’ve played alongside them. I may tell you a few stories on the night of the Death Metal Tea Party, although Jack (Welsh – guitarist) may kill me…

What can we expect from Desecrator, on the night?

Expect to see a lot of me during the night, introducing bands and whatnot. Performance-wise, you’ll see me giving it my all; an energetic one-man death machine capable of complete aural devastation, with lots of tea, Buckfast (have to keep Agonised Deformity happy!) and Father Ted-related shenanigans thrown into the mix!

Desecrator has been coming to life, recently. Can you tell us about your plans?

At least someone has noticed haha! I kid, I kid…Desecrator started off as a studio project back in 2007 when I recorded my first solo demo track in college. I’d gone on to record a full length, ‘Link’s Retribution’, in 2009 and released it via underground metal label, Satanica Productions, in March last year.

Looking (or should that be hearing?) back at the recording, a year later, the Desecrator sound has certainly matured. Not going to give away too much, but I’m in the middle of self-recording a new EP; featuring old tracks re-recorded, as well as some of the new material I’ve been working on, I’m looking at releasing it at the Tea Party. Following that, I’ll be working on the next full length, which I’m hoping to have out next year sometime.

Of course, I’ve now taken Desecrator to the stage, after playing my first live gig down in Glasgow, back in March. Since then, I’ve been working at getting as many gigs as possible.

Anything else to plug?

I’m actually performing in Inverness this month on Friday May 25th! This will be my own wee headline show, preceding the Rock Karaoke night at Nova Bar, and will make for a good warm-up show for the Highland Death Metal Tea Party!

The video above lets you hear a track from my first album, ‘Link’s Retribution’, and you can get yourself a copy for only $20NZD (New Zealand Dollars) at (You may have to scroll down to the very bottom of the page to find the cover art…)

Details of the Death Metal Tea Party are here and you can buy tickets for the event here. We are also fortunate enough to have Mark as a writer on the site and you can see some of his work here.

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