Frank Finlayson reviews the Wednesday Showcase of goNORTH 2012.

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Having just arrived at the end of the Naked Red set, we searched through the Go North programme to find out where the next port of call would be. It was unanimous – Fat Goth in the Market Bar. Fat Goth won purely on their name, so they had a lot to live up to. When we made up the stairs it was already packed to the rafters, with the crowd even standing in the toilets. Sweaty as a Swedish sauna, and that was before the rumpus that is Fat Goth kicked off. This band possess undeniable promise, with a set that absolutely rips through you. Audibly crushing your core, this was ferocious. We should have known with movers and shakers such as Vic Galloway in attendance that this was going to be something special. Don’t believe us, check out their bandcamp page, it has a rake of their material.

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With time against us, it was good to catch the tail end of ROADWAY’s set. Currently reduced in numbers while Ross McEwen and Bod Elder recuperate, the rest of the boys put on a performance to make them proud. Yes, they still rawk!

A wander round to Hush was next on the list, with Glasgow band Galleries, taking centre stage. Galleries play strongly on David Mcadam’s striking vocal. At times sounding familiar, but never able to nail down, they certainly know how to raise the levels to make you sit up and notice. With Jim Gellatly in attendance we knew that these guys were attracting all the attention for all the right reasons.

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Two doors down, at the Encore we were aware that Graham Brown’s turn had just started. With Ewan Cruickshank and Barrie Maclennan, there is a really tight feel to the work Graham is producing. No longer caught between the devil and deep blue sea that was being a solo artist and the tie up with Midnight Glory. This more natural approach is paying dividends as Graham’s maturity grows, although he may have lost something tonight, a few pounds from the heat of the lights! However, for the loss in weight, he gained some more helpful recognition.

And finally, it was good night. It’s going to be long week, if you add in Rockness, but that didn’t stop us picking up a bit of James Mackenzie’s set, to send us home with smile and a positive outlook for the days ahead.

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