Purple Divide talk Trapped at the IG:LU

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Purple Divide speak to invernessGiGs prior to their gig at IG:LU on the 20th of April, 2012.

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Last time we caught up with you(see Purple Divide Introduced) , you described the sound of the band as  “upbeat indie based songs, to our brash, and maybe quite dark sounding heavier rock tracks” do you think that is still a fair description, and why?

Yeah, I think this still fits our sound pretty well, to be fair. I think this is especially fitting on our EP, with songs like Escape being pretty mellow in comparison to ‘Lose Control’, which is a really intense track.

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You seem to have been fairly busy (including Vuvoki and Fatherson) recently can you tell us what has been your favourite gig to have played so far, and what made it so good?

Well, the Fatherson gig was absolutely incredible, it was the first time we had played there as a group, both Last Summer Effect and Fatherson were welcoming and friendly, and the crowd reception was incredible, so that was probably our favourite gig. Saying that though, any gig we play is always amazing. Things have really started to look up for us since that gig though. It seems to have opened the door to a lot more opportunities which is great and its such a stark contrast to where we were last year, and it is fantastic to actually have regular gigs!

You had initially planned to have ” Trapped” released earlier in the year, so how do you feel about the forthcoming EP and it’s launch?

Excited, to say the least. We put a lot of time and effort into this, so we are really excited to see how well it is received. It has been a long time coming, so it is actually pretty surreal to be in this situation, but hopefully folk enjoy it!

Also, we are VERY much looking forward to playing IG:LU, we absolutely love the venue, its individuality, and we felt like it was the perfect place to have a launch.

What do you have planned after the launch?

A very busy month of May! First gig is on the 5th, we are playing in Strichen, which is in Aberdeenshire. Next up is another Ironworks gig, supporting General Fiasco, that is on the 9th. We are really looking forward to that, General Fiasco are a great band and of course a chance to play at the Ironworks again is just fantastic.The day after we are playing an acoustic set as part of the second all aCoustiC event in the Market Bar. Then on the 12th, we are on the way up to Thurso to support Roadway, and finally we are playing in the Nova Bar on the 18th, so it is a seriously hectic month!

Have you got anything else to plug?

Our EP “Trapped” which will be available to download on Bandcamp from the 20th April and physical copies will be available at our EP launch at IG:LU, also on the 20th April. All of the aforementioned gigs, Netsounds Unsigned (They are both very nice to us) and of course, as always, our Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/purpledivide

Purple Divide will be supported by Scott Reid at IG:LU. Ticket information here.

They will also be supporting General Fiasco on the 9th of May at The Ironworks, tickets available at www.IronworksVenue.com.

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