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Them & Us talk to invernessGiGs about the forthcoming Easter Showcase at the Ironworks,Inverness on the 7th of April, 2012.

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The second act to be kind enough to catch a word with us about the forthcoming Easter Showcase (see all our coverage of the event here) are Them & Us. Veterans of the first event (see Liam Macleod talks to invernessGiGs) they talk about their return and who they are keeping an eye open for.

What have you been up to since the last time you played a showcase event?

We started our year supporting Annie Mac which was amazing, we’ve also been trying to fit in as much studio time as possible to work on more original material. It’s not often we can spend a lot of time working on tracks together because we’re living in different cities but we are making it working.

We are soon to have news about our next release which we have been working with a certain label on for a future release, it’s something we are very excited about because of the names involved but unfortunately we can’t release more details at the moment.

If someone has not seen you guys play before, how would you encourage them to come and see your set?

The way we like to see it is if it doesn’t make you think ‘woah, what is this?!’ then it isn’t worth playing. Our sets are full of unreleased bootlegs and twists, stuff you wouldn’t here from other DJ’s. Making our sets unique and interesting is a priority for us, we wouldn’t want to go out and play generic electro house tracks that you could hear anywhere else.

And a lot of work goes into our mixes; fine picking through the depths of the internet for tracks and making up edits is something we spend weeks doing, right up until minutes before the show. Its a sign of how much our sound can change, and it keeps the crowd on their feet. That and we dance terribly.

Which one of the other acts, on the bill, would you most like to see and why?

There is loads of good acts on the bill, and ideally we’d like to see them all. But if we have to pick one it would be Team Kapowski. Out of all the acts they share the most similarities with our sound. They remind us a lot of a Scottish Bloodhound Gang, it’s the humour in there lyrics that makes us think they’ll go far. People like bands that can produce brilliant tunes but not take themselves too seriously.

We’re also in the process of remixing their track ‘The Art of Seduction’. Hopefully we can have it ready to play out by the Easter Showcase.

Who are your one’s to watch from the local scene at the moment?

Our friends Count Clockwork have been getting some great gigs lately, also it goes without saying Polymath is going places already. We went along to see him support Botnek to a packed Buff Club in Glasgow and it was mind blowing, he has a great ear for music and his productions are phenomenal right now! Boomshank Redemption is someone we would like to see going places, he has already supported some great acts and he’s very well known in these parts whether it’s for the right or wrong reasons but he has started producing some solid tracks now. I think that is crucial if you want to make a name for yourself these days. A lot of DJ’s are now turning their hands to production so I think we can expect to see much more in the future.

What does 2012 hold for you guys?

We are both really excited about this year, our management have done a great job. Lots of things to look forward to including the release of ‘Life’s too Short’. It’s coming out on a label that has released tracks from Pete Tong, NT89, and Zinc. We have also put ourselves forward for Go North so fingers crossed we get that, it’s a great opportunity for artists up here to showcase themselves to some of the biggest names in the industry.

Have you got anything else to plug?

We are hoping to have the press info released soon for our next release and will be doing some dates across to Scotland and hopefully other parts of the UK to support the release.

Other Showcase updates are here. Tickets are available via

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