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Defcon One speak to invernessGiGs prior to gigs at The Market Bar on the 24th of March 2012 and Mad Hatters on the 6th of April 2012.

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How did the support slot for Iain McLaughlin and the Outsiders go?

The support slot went pretty well. We got a chance to play a new song and the crowd looked like they enjoyed our set.

At one point before the show, we were worried that we weren’t going to be able to play. Our guitarist Steve was travelling back up North on the bus and there was an accident on the Forth road Bridge which held up his bus. He arrived just on time and had to go on stage as soon as he arrived at the venue. But all in all, it was a good gig.

Any news on a follow up on your debut release “Life on TV”?

There’s nothing really set in stone at the moment, although it will possibly be something we’ll be looking at towards the end of this year. It would be good to get into the studio again and record some tracks. We’re currently working on new material and its slowly coming together, so hopefully it will feature on some upcoming recordings.

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Can you tell us about your plans for the video being made?

We’ve been filming a music video for the song “Life on TV”. The good news is, we’ve actually finished all the filming for the video, and the editing is well under way. So it should be released at the start of April or thereabouts. You can keep updated on the video through our Facebook and Website. It’s been fun filming it and we had quite a lot of laughs as well, which you will see when its out.

If anybody has forgotten about you, what song is the best reminder for them and why?

Ouch! It’s never nice to be forgotten about… Ha. We probably all have different opinions about this one, but for me… I’d probably say “The Ghost”. Its our oldest song, and although it wasn’t released on our E.P. a lot of people that have seen us in the past might remember it.

You promised to hit 2012 HARD, what are the plans?

We’ve got some big aims for 2012. We’re looking to release our first Music video in April, which is really exciting for us because a lot of hard work and time has gone in to it. We’re also looking to do some more touring and play as many gigs as possible. It would be nice to get to some places that we’ve never been to before as a band. We’re constantly looking at ways that we can increase our fan-base as well, so it would be good if we could increase our followers on Facebook, increase our website views and possibly get some Defcon One merchandise to sell at our shows.

Anything else to plug?

Yeah, we’ve got a few gigs in Inverness coming up. If your in town on the 24th of March or 6th April, please come and see us. On 24th March, we’re playing at The Market Bar, and on 6th April, we are playing at Mad Hatters. You can see all information about the band and tour dates etc. on our Facebook and website at:

You can also revisit our coverage of the band here.

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