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Craig Sutherland speaks to invernessGiGs about Oskar Empire.

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Okay we have to be honest, we didn’t know an awful lot about Wick’s Oskar Empire (for awful lot read anything at all) until they were identified as one of Pop Cop’s “one’s to watch” on the basis of one demo (see below) . Eye brows were certainly raised. More so when they also received a nomination for Best Newcomer for SAMA 2012. So we were really pleased to have a word, and we believe the first interview, with Craig from the band:

Can you tell us a bit about how Oskar Empire came about?

Before I met the other guys I used to just sit in my room with an acoustic guitar and attempt to write songs, I met Stephen at school and we decided to make a band together. We’ve had a few line up changes since we started but with Ross and Liam I feel we have never been stronger as a band. We’re really just 4 good friends who all love making music, I couldn’t be happier with how things have panned out.

How do you feel about the support that you have received especially being on Pop Cop’s “Ones to watch” list and being SAMA nominated for best?

It’s been totally unexpected and something we’re delighted about. We can’t thank the Pop Cop and also the people at Netsounds Unsigned for their support enough. They all do a fantastic job in helping out under the radar talent. We were actually in the middle of a band practice when I got the email to tell us we were nominated for the award, I initially it was a joke and got the other boys to read it as well before we were convinced it was real. But I think we are huge underdogs for the award, up against some more established bands. But it’s up to us to prove to everyone that we deserve to be there.

What do you think it is about the band that has created such support?

We honestly don’t know. We write music because we love to. The fact so many other people enjoy it too is amazing and completely blows us away.

Your debut EP is almost complete, how is it sounding and what are the plans for it’s release?

It’s sounding great, it’s exciting hearing it gradually come together, we just hope it gets a positive reaction. Ideally an EP launch would be great, but we aren’t sure on where to do it. Maybe we will get the fans involved and they could give us a few ideas on where.

What are your plans for 2012?

Lots of gigs! We don’t have any confirmed yet, but we’d love to try and organise a tour and get a few gigs outside of Caithness if possible. But apart from that, just keep trying to improve as a band and hopefully you will be hearing a lot more from us.

You can click on the link to vote for Oskar Empire at SAMA 2012.

Many thanks to Craig Sutherland.

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