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It’s fair to say that Day of Day’s have been building a good bit of momentum, and they will be returning to Inverness on the 18th of November at Hootananny. So we managed to catch then to talk about the band, the hype and their music.

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We were trying to figure out where the name for the band came from, our research got that it was either borrowed from an episode of Band of Brothers, a festival in honour of American soap Days of Our Lives or from a Runrig compilation, please tell us where you got the name from?

None of the above actually but people always suspect it to be something similar. Even the film End of Days. The truth is it was a nod to a great moment or the start of something great. Kind of tongue in cheek. Kind of half serious.

Looking at the bands that you have supported (including the likes of The Levellers, Stereo MCs and We Were Promised Jet Packs), how did the 10cc support slot come along?

A: We played just before 10cc at Big in Falkirk on the main stage and we were honoured to meet those guys. We got a pretty good lesson on how to put on a show that night. 10,000 people showed up to see them. A few more than us. ;-) We got the gig through a promoter in Glasgow who has gave us a good few big gigs and still does with the likes of the ABC in Glasgow that we recently played just last week.

Have you been up to Inverness before?

A: We supported Glasgow band Laki mera earlier in the year with our debut album tour @ Madhatters. We thought it was great and the place was rammed. I think we made a good impression as we have been asked to play this gig on the 18th November as headliners!! We look forward to this most. :-)

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You identify the close and intense relationship that the four of you have as being influential in creating your music, what are your other influences?

Everyday life experiences and the emotions that they bring. Oh, and Polar bears.

Musically it’s a huge mixed bag from the likes of Radiohead and Bon iver to Gojira or Mogwai. We even don’t mind a bit of more commercial stuff like U2. Sometimes. Not one of us has the same taste as the other.

Q: Jim Gellatly appears to be very supportive of you, how would you win over people who have not heard you yet?

We are very grateful to Jim for his support.

High impact, well written songs with the ability to slow it down and have that moment where everyone shuts the hell up and just listens.

Q: You do have some cracking quotes about the band and your live performances, which is your favourite?

This seems a bit of a cop out but we are really proud of them all. If pushed we might lean towards the quote from The Scottish Sun regarding Ewan McGregor, Crieff and ourselves. That was from Chris Sweeney who doesn’t really deal with the small fish. He’s in the paper every week hanging out with Coldplay and Lady Gaga. Slumming it these days………

Q: Have you got anything else to plug?

Album ‘Indecency of the Few’ released May this year. It got nominated for a Scottish new music award for best album. Our second single Polaroid with B-side Snakes and ladders was just released and, like the album, is available to download in just about every country in the world thanks to Zinerecords and Believe digital.

Questions by Chris Lemon

Thanks to Day of Days for their responses.

Day of Days plays Hootananny,Inverness on the 18th of November with support from Axis of.

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