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Capturing the moods of the Seventies and Eighties through covers and a growing repertoire of original compositions, The Lost speak to us about playing on the same bill as The Damned and The Boomtown Rats, how the Harley-Davidson Riders Club helped their careers and quite a bit more…..

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You have already been signed up for The Big Stooshie festival in Fife next year, how did that come about?

Our acting manager Dominic Moore, better known to us as the colonel booked it for us, he got in touch with the organisers and let them hear our EP, things just started to flow from there.

How does it feel to be on the same bill as The Damned, The Boomtown Rats and from The Jam?

Its an honour to be playing on a bill with names as big as them, pretty surreal as its probably the biggest thing we’ve done! We look forward to seeing all the other bands and most of all can’t wait for our first festival as a band.

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Can you tell us a bit about the sound of the band?

Our sound comes from a few main influences including Thin Lizzy and AC/DC, were amazing for taking a classic rock sound, making it more modern and bringing in loads of harmonies, were really big fans of harmonies!

And you have an EP…?

Our EP is available at all of our gigs and it features 6 tracks of original material, the entire EP is home recorded and we were really pleased with the results

Last year you wan the ‘Get Noticed’ battle of the bands which resulted in a place at Thunder in the Glen 2010, how has that helped you as a band?

Before the get noticed competition we hadn’t really played any gigs and I suppose didn’t really consider ourselves a proper band, but once we won things just changed from that point, we really came together as a band and got straight into writing and recording original material as well as topping up our covers, the slot itself was an absolute thrill, the crowd was around 1500+ and it was a massive boost to our confidence, that launched us into playing as many gigs as we could, as a result we were also booked into several more slots at thunder in the glens 2011 including a Friday night slot in front of 1500+ once more

If people have not heard you before, what song would you recommend that they listen to, and why?

We would recommend listening to Live free, its our personal favourite out of the ep, its got big riffs, lots of harmonies and a huge outro!


Have you got anything else to plug?

You can keep up to date with the band on their Facebook page and see more of the on their You Tube page.

You can see The Lost next on the 12th of October at Hootananny then The Market Bar on the 22nd of October.

Written by Chris Lemon

Thanks to The Lost

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