Chris McClure of The Violet May talks to invernessGiGs

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The debut headline tour for The Violet May sees the band venture to Scotland for the first time and to play Madhatters on the 2nd of October. We were lucky to get a few words with Chris McCLure

How are you looking forward to your impending debut headlining tour?

We have been together for 2 years now and have worked hard to get the chance to headline our own tour, so we’re buzzing off doing exactly that. I think our live sound is our biggest weapon at the moment so lets have it.

So, what are your thoughts about the trip to Inverness?

Inverness will also be our first gig in Scotland so that’s an honour really. My experiences of Scotland have been wicked so far, the people seem passionate and always up for it so I reckon we are gonna get on like a house on fire. My brother got arrested though last time he was Inverness though, ha ha, he was smoking weed in the hotel room after his gig and the night porter rang the cops, the cops nicked him and then asked for an autograph. Cheeky bastards.

There is significant praise in the national press for you guys with the key words appearing to be swaggering and cool, how do you cope with the pressure of potential?

Pressure is being out of work and having to provide for your family, etc. As a band we have come from nothing so everything that comes our way is a bonus, at the end of the day you are writing and playing music not trying to sort out the world debt, so pressure just ain’t an issue with us lot. It’s wicked people are getting into us and I buzz off it, but at the end of the day nothing is guaranteed so you just get on with it and go along with the ride.

Were you surprised at the success of “TV”, and how is the planning for the album coming along?

We’re not surprised really because they are great songs and I do still believe people will dig out good music despite the crap that is thrown at them. The Violet May’s debut album will be out in 2012, we’re gonna be in the studio following the tour and its gonna be a beast that’s for sure.

What can you tell us about your support for the tour, All Mankind?

Well, we know they’re Aussie’s and our agent Ben rates them. That’s about it so far, their album’s out just ahead of the tour, so apart from that we’re just looking forward to playing some great shows with them night after night. (All Mankind Facebook page )

If people have not heard you before, what song would you recommend that they listen to, and why?

Probably “right or Better” then “Jennifer Lies” will give you the best idea of our sound, dirty, seedy and bone crunching. But maybe have a listen to our last single “TV” for another side to us, that track has a bit more soul, almost trance like, ha ha.

Have you got anything to plug?

 Our debut EP came out in the summer and is still available, obviously I’d ask the people of Inverness to come check out our new brand of rock and roll, and there will be a shed-load more to announce in 2012. We’ll see ya on the 2nd October for the show. You can follow the band at

By Chris Lemon

Many thanks to Chris McClure and James Hawkins

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