invernessGiGs help with Belladrum Conundrums

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Some might say that invernessGiGs have too much time on their hands, others might just say we are very kind and generous with our time. Frank and Chris spent some time trying to identify a joint top five of Belladrum 2011, we couldn’t do it. So instead we did two separate lists, Frank’s first:

1. Benjamin Francis Leftwich – the man who uses his full name as on his passport is a joy to behold. Given a listening audience this could be a festival gem.

2. Guillemots – Fyfe Dangerfield will put his heart and soul into anything he does, this will be no exception.

3. The Boosts – On the Seedlings Stage, a local band, the perfect pick me up if you feeling a little tired.

4. Unicorn Kid – If you can’t bounce to Unicorn Kid then you are dead.

5. The Staves – Lush harmonies from three sisters from Watford

Oh is that it, only five…so I can’t mention The Whisky River Band, The Leonard Jones Potential, The Phantom Band, the Xcerts or Roddy Hart….so unfair, so so unfair….

James Mackenzie and the Aquascene, Iain MacLaughlin and the Outsiders, Lucy Rose, Anna Calvi….do I really have to stop now……one more….no?…..just one?…. (NO!) …ok…. Dry The River!!!! (GRRRR!!!)


I didn’t even get to mention the headliners :(

For Chris it was a little more difficult as he decided not to cheat!

First on my list, and sneaking onto Frank’s is The Whisky River Band. It was a complete travesty that they were not invited to play at Rockness. There brand of folk rock with a strong vocals and infectious tunes makes the Saturday the 6th of August at 515 at the Seedlings stage a must attend.

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Second on the list are , Deacon Blue , they have been roughed up a little in the local press and certainly my last experience of them (at Strathpeffer) appeared tired. They have the tunes and the experience to pull of the headline slot with aplomb.

For my third it is an act that keeps being brought up by others in the know: C.W. Stoneking described as “purveyor of the finest and purest hokum blues and jungle rhythms”

Another local act and another headliner makes my fourth act, in The Leonard Jones Potential, their talents are not going overlooked and the funk soul band will not be a secret for much longer. They will be headlining the Seedlings Stage on Saturday night.

The final act is Newton Faulkner, he won us over after his energetic approach at his last appearance at the Ironworks, in the tent, he will be superb.

If you don’t get the chance to see that acts above do please take our advice and step away from the main stage, venture around experience the whole event (and remember music is for all year round not just festivals)

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