Toby Michael talks about the forthcoming Cake GiG

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Cake play host to Toby Michaels, Seed of Sorrow, The SIgnal and Fallen Riot on the 24th of June. We managed to catch up with Toby to talk about his plans and the forthcoming gig.

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We have not seen you for a while, what have you been up to?

184297 137989802934878 100001715769248 223804 5993253 n thumb - Toby Michael talks about the forthcoming Cake GiGI am a master of disguise you see… umm well actually I’m currently in the process of forming a new Rock band in between song writing, performing acoustically and growing what will be the most Epic beard in Inverness’ music scenes history! I can exclusively reveal to InvernessGigs that my new band will be called “Toby Michaels and the Rolling Damned”. Which I am looking to gig as soon as is humanly possible and as soon as the full line up is complete.

What should we be expecting from the forthcoming night at Cake?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took the swagger of rock, the anarchy of punk and the velocity of heavy metal and threw them all into the one mixing bowl? Well this is what this event will bring. And of course I like to bring a little bit of insanity to these events. Expect cameo appearances in my set from some of the biggest names in metal history and their songs and the greatest instrument in the history of all music, the METALLIKAZOO.

Can you tell us a little about the other acts on the bill, any favourites?

The Signal thumb - Toby Michael talks about the forthcoming Cake GiG

Wow favourites from this set, it’s a tricky one, The Signal bring a real Raw Punk edge to proceedings, a stage presence second to very few and one of the most terrifyingly awesome frontwomen of all time Nikki will blow most minds within seconds. A band I definitely wanna see more of.

Now Fallen Riot, they bring a polished metal sound I saw develop whilst I was touring about with Stolen Order. Vocalist Nick brings everything to the front perfectly with awesome backing from Micky and co on guitar bass drums and backing vox. I’d say one to watch out for… but to be honest they are already hitting the road running.

Seed of Sorrow have a special place in my heart though it has to be said. It’ll be interesting seeing new vocalist Lewis Goodwin hitting the stage, but I also expect nothing but awesome stuff from him. I know Savage(guitar) Draper(Bass) from their Vengeance days too, so I know throwing them into the mix with J Murrs Thunderous Metal Beats and Kicks… IT WILL BE EPIC. So I suppose if I had to pick one band Seed Of Sorrow would be that act from this bill.

What are your plans for the summer, when can we see you again?

The summer is going to be filled with writing, producing, recording, jamming, gigging… and if I have time for it maybe a drink and some local bands gigs. The scene has a buzz about it at the moment which is exciting, with the likes of Roadway and Zombie Militia doing so well, InvernessGigs, netsounds, MFR coverage, festivals and great events at Hoots, Market bar, Ironworks and beyond… I count it as a blessing to still be involved, even if it is, for now, as the “Scene Jester”

And we ask everyone this if people haven’t seen you before what tune would you recommend they try and why?

People can check out my acoustic stuff at
I recommend checking out “sugar and sand” (or each songs individual video) to get a feel of my set for this gig.

Check out the signal here

Fallen Riot here

Cake hosts Seed of Sorrow, The Signal, Fallen Riot and Toby Michael on the 24th of June, 10pm till 3am, FREE ENTRY

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