Liv Dawn – Interview

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Liv Dawn’s music seamlessly fuses pop-country sensibilities with emotive storytelling, beautifully weaving everyday experiences and relationships into enchanting melodies. Her mesmerizing vocals and heartfelt performances propelled her to becoming a finalist in the esteemed BBC Radio Scotland Singer-Songwriter of the Year Award in 2019. We were lucky to have Liv spend some time answering a few questions for us.

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You have ten words to describe your act, no more no less…

 Emotive and captivating folk-pop singer-songwriter from Loch Lomond

As an act how has 2023 treated you so far?

Amazing! I have released two new singles which has been a really fun process and I have played festivals such as Eden Festival, Leigh Folk Festival and King Tut’s Summer Nights so far.

You have three original songs to wow the Belladrum audience, which ones would they be and why?

My three original songs to wow the audience would be:

Pretty People – this song is about finally choosing yourself and feeling free and happy. It is a very uplifting song with lots of nature imagery and references. It has a catchy chorus which everyone could sing along to.

I Love You – this song is a love ballad and expresses complete adoration for someone. It speaks of loving someone and appreciating everything they do. It has an anthem feel to it and I think people would enjoy it if they were with their loved ones.

It’s Beautiful – this is one of my favourite original songs and it holds a powerful meaning throughout. The lyrics speak of being on a beautiful beach and being amazed by it. It takes you on an emotional journey and it has an epic sounding instrumental which I think people would love.

Festivals are renowned for horrible clashes, which act on the Belladrum line-up would you least like to clash with and why?

I would hate to clash with Sigrid. I love her music and I think she is the most funkiest person. Her music has such groove to it and I would want to be at the front of the crowd watching her!

What are your tips for coping with festival season?

Stay hydrated and bring a poncho! 

What Is the draw to playing Belladrum?

I have always dreamed of playing Belladrum with it being one of the coolest festivals in Scotland. It always has incredible well-known artists on the line-up as well as welcomes new and emerging talent too. I am very excited to be performing and spending the weekend at the festival. 

Given the cartoon and comic theme of Belladrum 2023, which theme tune or song from animation  would you cover given the opportunity, and how would you make it your own?

100% My Little Pony – I was obsessed with My Little Pony when I was young and the opportunity to cover the theme song would be fun. I would definitely turn it into a dreamy folk-song with lots of harmonies and acoustic guitar.

Which cartoon or animation would you have appear on stage with you and why?

My Little Ponies – they could gallop around on stage while I perform or I could pull a Shania Twain and ride one of them onto stage.

What’s on the horizon for you after Belladrum?

I am releasing my debut EP ‘Beautiful Daydream’ on 18th August and I cannot wait for it to be out in the world. This EP has been a year in the making and it is about the journey of being in my twenties; the highs and lows, falling in and out of love, chasing dreams and finding happiness. I am also celebrating the release of my EP at a headline launch gig held at The Hug and Pint in Glasgow, also on 18th August.

You can keep track of Liv and her socials via her website.

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