Bemz – Interview

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 Bemz aka Jubemi Iyuku has been earning plaudits for his brand of hip-hop that puts unapologetic personal authenticity at its core. This approach has been paying dividends perhaps best evidenced by winning BBC Introducing Scottish Artist of the Year Award 2022.

The Skinny when reviewing his sold out SWG3 gig observed “Bemz belongs to Scotland, and the Scottish hip-hop scene increasingly belongs to him”. We could not miss an opportunity to ask him a few questions.

You have ten words to describe your act, no more no less…

Bemz, from Ayr & a rapper. 

My development has been tough. It’s been a long road of ups and downs and not a lot of money. But there comes a time when you realise you have to grind it out to ever get somewhere. I am currently starting to see the benefits of staying true to my vision all these years. I am grateful for the hardship because it’s made me who I aamam and taught me a lot about myself. Also gave me good things to talk about.

Bemz talking to 15 Questions

 As an act how has 2023 treated you so far?

2023 has been filled with ups and downs but still here and enjoying every moment of it 

 You have three original songs to wow the Belladrum audience, which ones would they be and why?

26 – Prob one of my favourite songs of mine 

Zidane – pick up the mood a little bit 

Raging Bull – Carnage

Festivals are renowned for horrible clashes, which act on the Belladrum line-up would you least like to clash with and why?

It’s in God’s hands, gotta do what I gotta do regardless. 

What are your tips for coping with festival season?

Drink a lot of water and manuka honey 

What Is the draw to playing Belladrum?

It’s such a prestigious festival in Scotland! Cannot wait. 

Given the cartoon and comic theme of Belladrum 2023, which theme tune or song from animation  would you cover given the opportunity, and how would you make it your own?

Fairly odd parents & instead of Timmy add bemzy 

Which cartoon or animation would you have appear on stage with you and why?

The casts of Sponge Bob Square Pants, would be hilarious tryna see SpongeBob and Patrick dance to my songs whilst Squidward is raging 

What’s on the horizon for you after Belladrum?

More shows and more enjoyment 

Bemz will be playing The Seedlings Stage on Saturday and can be found on all the social under Bigbemz1  (little birdie has told us that new music is imminent so well worth a look).

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