Lucille – Interview

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Describing themselves as ‘Dark Anthemic Power-Pop’ , Lucille are certainly one of the more prolific bands on the local scene at the moment, so we really appreciated their time ahead of their forthcoming gigs in Inverness and Thurso.

You have been given a four-song set to impress, what are the three original and one cover that you would play and talk us through your choices? 

‘Whole Again’ is an older song in our set which we have just given a huge revamp. It is fun, hooky and is always a good moment for Audience participation. We are really enjoying having this one in the set again. ‘Know You’re Not Alone’ will be our next single. It’s a powerful anthem carrying the message that it’s okay not to be okay and that there is always someone there for you. Low key verses followed a huge chorus and guitar hooks for days. 

‘My Hero’ by Foo Fighters is our cover of choice of the moment. We play this in tribute to the friends and family we have lost in the last few years. Keeping it simple and honest, we encourage the audience to sing it with us for there loved ones. ‘Nothing Comes for Free’ is our big rock song and it is an obvious final choice for us. It has held the position of our set closer since it was written and from the opening riff to the final notes we give 100% and never leave anything on the table. 

What was the first song you created as a band and how does it compare to your music now? 

The first Lucille song was ‘Borrowed Time’. It marked the transition from the previous pop ballads of Neon Knights into the rockier sound Lucille has today ‘Borrowed Time’ has this ambient slow building intro which drives into an energetic anthem that closes with one of the few guitar solos we have in the setlist. It’s a song that has never gone stale, we love to perform it and always gets a great reaction. We like to think our material is always improving. We strive to produce the best songs and recordings that we can and Borrowed time is the bedrock that we are building on. 

What are the main motivators that keep you moving forward as a band?

Memories… This band has given us countless great memories, getting to experience new places and new audiences with our friends is amazing and honestly don’t think we would have seen Scotland the way we have if we didn’t have this band.

Yes, it’s been tough as an Inverness band recently with the demise of the Ironworks and Madhatters but our songs and the reaction from crowds at new venues makes it all worthwhile as we look to change our way of working going forward 

What has been your favourite gig of your career so far and what made it so special?

We’ve been fortunate to play some truly amazing places and to some wonderful audiences over the years, but our favourite gig is actually our most recent in Drummonds in Aberdeen. The Dihydro started the night off with a bang before a solid set from local rockers The Ghost Tape.

When it was our turn to take to the stage, the venue was packed and the audience was amazing. This was our first gig as a 3 piece with some new song arrangements and it was just really affirming that everything was flourishing and the songs had taken on new life. but hopefully there’s more memories to be made. 

You have performed at the Tooth & Claw a few times, but who have you most enjoyed seeing play the venue?

Jack recently caught the Alkanes E.P launch. Amongst a quality line-up Fight the Raptor in particular stood out. It was his first time hearing them and he hopes to catch more of them in the future! probably a bit heavier than you would expect on a Lucille line up sadly though. 

The Ironworks has reopened for one night, you find yourself on second on the bill, who would be your local opener and what band would be the headliner?

Our local opener would be Lucid Liars, a band we have a great chemistry with and who always put on a great show and our Headliner would be Electric Enemy, myself and Jack have recently discovered these guys as they released their debut album, their songs are hook-centric and totally blew us out of the water. For anyone wanting to check them out we recommend “Bleed Me Dry” and “Therapy” 

What’s on the horizon for the band?

We have some big changes on the horizon, with more details to be announced shortly, what we can say is this will include the release of our next single “Know your Not Alone” and more releases to follow! All the while we will continue to hone in on the tight, bright sound that Lucille are known for. Keep an eye on Lucille’s Facebook Page.

Lucille play The Tooth & Claw, on the 25th of May with The Dihydro and Danny Mortimer. TICKETS

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