The Time For PaleMoon

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It’s really not been that long since we last spoke to PaleMoon, however as festival season looms and new recordings are released there was a great opportunity to catch up with the band.

What inspired you to come together as Palemoon and where did the band’s name come from?

Fraser McLean inspired us to come together, literally pestered hell out of us (Kevin, Jack & Isaac) to get together just to see what would happen after seeing Jack & Isaac as a crazy duo called Powerplant in the Market Bar Inverness. The result of said jam was immense & off the back of it Isaac asked Lyle Watt to join completing the lineup.

The band name is directly taken from a song written by Isaac’s late father John “Fats” Sutherland called “Palemoon Rising”. A song about the arrival of the nuclear power station Dounreay in 1953

Can you tell us about the creative process behind your music?

Songs are written, a demo or artist impression if you will is sent out & the band have their merry way with it. The songs we cover are done the way we want them & generally feature obscene solos.

What do you want to achieve in your music?

Spreading the joy of performing live with no holds barred & a general love of sriracha.

Unrehearsed Sonically Connected Raw Emotional Passionate Fun Made In Scotland

PaleMoon describing their music in 10 words, in an interview 2022

There is a lot of love for your gigs, what do you think is the key to a good live performance?

All four musicians being awake & being on the same stage at the same time showing alarming degrees of enthusiasm.

Palemonn Interview 2023 530x354 - The Time For PaleMoon

There is a push to get more of your material recorded and “out there”, what tracks are you planning to release and how did you decide upon them?

Jack says-“Eenie meeeenie miiiinyyy MO!”

You have a few festival appearances lined up for 2023, what would be your fantasy festival line-up?


The Whiskys

Miley Cyrus

Mr Boom and headlined by an interpretive dance recital by Fwazy Wazy

We asked Chat GPT to give us a random question for you they came up with… If you could live in any fictional universe, which one would you choose and why?

Terry Pratchett’s disc world. If you don’t know why then you haven’t researched what disc world is.

Palemoon live gigs;

8th June @ Market Bar Inverness onstage 22:30

9th June @ Bandstand Hotel Nairn onstage 21:00

17th June @ Woodztock festival onstage 16:35

29th July @ Belladrum festival, Ice House onstage at 21:30

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