Belladrum 2022 Q and A with Mark Allen

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We catch up with Mark Allen ahead of his performance at Belladrum 2022.

Following a tip from Belladrum legend Rob Ellen we were fortunate enough to catch up with the multi-talented Mark Allen, who currently hails from East Nashville. A modern day troubadour, he has been dubbed The Alchemist due to his ability to his impressive ability to transform experiences into music combining this with a love of travelling.

Ash Mark Joe Summer UK 2022 Festivals - Belladrum 2022 Q and A with Mark Allen

If you are reading this and still have not get tickets use this Belladrum 2022 ticket link to make sure you do not miss out.

You have ten words to describe your act, no more no less…

Harmonic groovy alchemy having the musical conversation with shared emotions

As an act how how does it feel to be back post-COVID?

How does it feel? It is the feeling of breathing after holding your breath for 2 years.

Given the myths and legends theme of Belladrum 2022, can you tell us a myth or legend of the band? 

Once upon a time in the sultry swamplands of the deep south covered in green Kudzu, 3 hearty troubadours ventured into the swamplands in search of the mystical aqua vitae (water of life). They came upon an old man with a long gray beard sitting next to an old pot still.

As the pot still steamed He asked,“Why are you here? We said, “To find the water of life!” He said, “Take a sip of this and hold on!” All took a sip then suddenly all three started speaking and singing together in harmony… Rainbows started coming out of their mouths as they sang. They were amazed… and so the legend of Ash&Mark&Joe began…

Which legend (non-musical!) would you have appear on stage with you and what song would you play with them?

Buddha, Jesus and Odin playing George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord”

There have been a few musical legends play Belladrum over the years which performance would you most like the opportunity to see again?

Tom Jones

How are you preparing for your Belladrum performance, what are your plans after you have played?

Preparation is to do what we do: Gig, write music, gig, record, gig, perform. Lather, rinse, repeat.

If your set only consisted of three songs and one extra cover, which ones would they be and why?

Wide Sky, Blue Mountain, Mama Moonshine
For What It’s Worth- Buffalo Springfield

And a wee bit of festival madness…

Who’d win a fight between Nessie and Godzilla?

Nessie- shehas beaten the odds –and survived– since the beginning of time.

You’re out for a few drinks, what other artist that you know, would turn it in to a legendary night?

No question it would be Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr.

Is Nessie real?

Of course she is. Next question.

What would you rather fight, a unicorn the size of Nessie or 20 unicorn sized Nessies?

Unicorn the size of Nessie. Same answer as before… ;)
Nessie has beaten the odds –and survived– since the beginning of time.

What is your favourite urban legend?

That Elvis died.

If you had to form a 4 piece band from legendary creatures what instrument would each play and why? Also what would you call the Mythical band?

Nessie – Our beloved sea monster of the Loch. Nessie would play the instrument you never see,
or the one that never gets any credit…. Steel Guitar
Neptune – the god of freshwater and the sea in Roman religion. Fiddle
Nemo, Captain Nemo- (Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo, the megalomaniacal captain of the
submarine Nautilus) Lead guitar
Narwhal – And the unicorn of the Sea,

You can see Mark Allen at Belladrum 2022, performin on the Saturday, July 30th at 3 pm, The Trailer Trash Potting Stage. All things Belladrum can be found on our Belladrum Festival Page.

You can catch Mark on his website, Facebook page and Instagram.

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