Belladrum 2022 Q and A with The Dihydro

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We catch up with Thomas Newell of The Dihydro for a QnA ahead of their performance at Belladrum 2022.

If you are reading this and still have not get tickets use this Belladrum 2022 ticket link to make sure you do not miss out.

You have ten words to describe your act, no more no less…

Dirty, Grunge, Fucking Loud, Raw, distortion, pounding, psychedelic, heavy, Filthy

As an act how how does it feel to be back post-COVID?

Amazing! Having only been on the ‘scene’ for a year when Covid hit, it was shite! We had a lot of momentum in 2019 and that was taken from us like we had hit a brick wall!! We had a massive ‘Break’  with the odd jam here and there but when we got together proper, it was Magic!! This is our 1st gig in 2½ years and we can’t wait!

Given the myths and legends theme of Belladrum 2022, can you tell us a myth or legend of The Dihydro? 

Legend has it that the two of us are So Loud that people leave our gigs half deaf and confused by what just happened!

Which legend (non-musical!) would you have appear on stage with you and what song would you play with them?

Valentino Rossi, and we would play out new track Get Away about that we shite Márquez!

There have been a few musical legends play Belladrum over the years which performance would you most like the opportunity to see again?

Seasick Steve as I missed him last time he played and Tom Jones as he was amazing!

How are you preparing for your Belladrum performance, what are your plans after you have played?

We have put together a 9 song full on set for Belladrum so don’t expect much chat! After we play I believe it is Beer o’clock

If your set only consisted of three songs and one extra cover, which ones would they be and why?

Codeine into Don’t Really Dance as that it’s out debut single and thecdance aspect isn’t expected from a two price a grunge band!

And a wee bit of festival madness…

Who’d win a fight between Nessie and Godzilla?


You’re out for a few drinks, what other artist that you know, would turn it in to a legendary night?

Butterscotch! I’ve heard enjoys an eventful evening and we’d also like to talk about a wee collaboration in the future….

Is Nessie real?

Fuck Yeh! She has to wear ear defenders when The Dihydro together!!

What would you rather fight, a unicorn the size of Nessie or 20 unicorn sized Nessies?

Neither! Get the drinks in let’s have a party!!

What is your favourite urban legend?

Davey the Ghost…. is a Ghost!!

If you had to form a 4 piece band from legendary creatures what instrument would each play and why? Also what would you call the Mythical band?

I only do two piece bands!

The Hitcher with his big ass thumb on the Bass!!

And Goro from Mortal Combat on the Drums with his 4 arms he’d be a machine on the skins!

They’d be called  FATALITY BY EELS!

You can see The Dihydro at Belladrum 2022, performing at the Thirsty Thursday Bella Bar 5:30pm!!. All things Belladrum can be found on our Belladrum Festival Page.

Two gigs booked for later in the year but can’t announce them yet. Stay tuned to their Instagram and Facebook for details.

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