Belladrum 2022 Q and A with The Roov

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We catch up with The Roov ahead of their performance at Belladrum 2022.

If you are reading this and still have not get tickets use this Belladrum 2022 ticket link to make sure you do not miss out.

You have ten words to describe your act, no more no less…

The Roov are an unbelievable live band providing fantastic… fuck

As an act how how does it feel to be back post-COVID?

Great to be back in the saddle. We kept our finger on the trigger over lockdown so we have a bunch of new songs locked and loaded. Belladrum feels like it’s gonna be a great way to giddy up and take the reigns again!

Given the myths and legends theme of Belladrum 2022, can you tell us a myth or legend of The Roov

We were all born with sunglasses on. Scientists were left baffled

Which legend (non-musical!) would you have appear on stage with you and what song would you play with them?

We would none other than  Mr Jesus H. Christ (Superstar) and at the big man himself’s request, we would sing ‘You Can Get it If You Really Want it’ by Jimmy Cliff.

There have been a few musical legends play Belladrum over the years which performance would you most like the opportunity to see again?

Grandmaster Flash in 2014.

How are you preparing for your Belladrum performance, what are your plans after you have played?

We have a few extra pairs of helping hands on stage this year, we usually play as a 4 piece but we thought we might get more free beer if we have more band members. So theres 6 of us. 7 if the caterers ask. We’ve been polishing new stuff and sprucing up old stuff, we’re very excited to share it with the main stage crowd!

If your set only consisted of three songs and one extra cover, which ones would they be and why?

Workin on U, Nevada, Big House (new one, coming soon), and of course, I Can See Clearly Now the Rain has Gone by Johnny Nash

And a wee bit of festival madness…

Who’d win a fight between Nessie and Godzilla?

Neither, they would start kissing instead.

You’re out for a few drinks, what other artist that you know, would turn it in to a legendary night?

Our good friends from Magic Box in Dundee, freakishly talented musicians and all round lovely guys.

Is Nessie real?

If he is, he sure is good at hiding.

What would you rather fight, a unicorn the size of Nessie or 20 unicorn sized Nessies?

20 Unicorn sized Nessies. I can’t reveal my fighting strategy on here though, for obvious reasons

What is your favourite urban legend?

The Catman of Greenock

If you had to form a 4 piece band from legendary creatures what instrument would each play and why? Also what would you call the Mythical band?

King Kong on drums, Thor on bass, Mr Tumnus on sitar, Brian Blessed on vocals

You can see The Roov at Belladrum 2022, performing at the Garden (main) Stage – Friday at 12.55pm. All things Belladrum can be found on our Belladrum Festival Page.

You can catch the supporting Dancing on Tables at Tunnels Aberdeen on August 20th and their socials are; website, Spotify , instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

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