We catch up with Fair Trickit ahead of their performance at Belladrum 2022.

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You have ten words to describe your act, no more no less…

A quirky, banterous, fajita loving, alcohol consuming duo with ukuleles.

As an act how how does it feel to be back post-COVID?

Post pandemic performing live feels different but good different. We have always enjoyed performing live but now we appreciate every second ten times more. We also feel this from the audience side too, the energy feels different as if everyone is appreciating listening and enjoying live music more now too.

Given the myths and legends theme of Belladrum 2022, can you tell us a myth or legend of the band? 

You could say a myth is that we actually know what we are doing. We just wing it every time and have a good time, when it comes together it’s a bonus.

Which legend (non-musical!) would you have appear on stage with you and what song would you play with them?

Chunk from the Goonies is our spirit animal, Kate Bush is our hero so we would have to say performing wuthering heights with Chunk.

There have been a few musical legends play Belladrum over the years which performance would you most like the opportunity to see again?

We have been attending Bella since we were 11 so picking one would be a struggle however a few highlights would be Kassidy, Tom Jones and First Aid Kit

How are you preparing for your Belladrum performance, what are your plans after you have played?

To prepare for Bella 22 we are currently trying to co-ordinate outfits and time off work, we are working on a set list and covers too. After we have played, we are hoping to catch Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 with a pint (or 5)

If your set only consisted of three songs and one extra cover, which ones would they be and why?

Sing Ariba, Tinnie Time and ding ding round 2 are our definitely our favourites to play. Our cover would have to be Whenever Wherever by Shakira hands down.

And a wee bit of festival madness…

Who’d win a fight between Nessie and Godzilla?

Nessie no questions asked. Regardless of opponent, the Scottish one will always win.

You’re out for a few drinks, what other artist that you know, would turn it in to a legendary night?

Kate Bush, feel like we would be besties.

Is Nessie real?


What would you rather fight, a unicorn the size of Nessie or 20 unicorn sized Nessies?

The idea of 20 Nessies would be a sight.

What is your favourite urban legend?

Anything mermaid/siren/kelpie, sea monsters basically

If you had to form a 4 piece band from legendary creatures what instrument would each play and why? Also what would you call the Mythical band?

Unicorn to play triangle with its horn, we feel a kraken would make an excellent and efficient drummer and maybe a couple of dragons to fill out the brass section, we’d call ourselves “A Rare Sight”

You can see Fair Trickit at Belladrum 2022, performing at the Friday and Saturday at 15.00 on the Burke and Hare stage.. All things Belladrum can be found on our Belladrum Festival Page.

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